iThoughtsX 4.12 – Mind-mapping utility on both iOS and OS X.

iThoughtsX 4.12

iThoughtsX enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Typical Uses:
  • Course Notes/Revision
  • Summarising.
  • Project planning
  • Task lists
  • Brainstorming
  • Goal setting
  • WBS
  • Meeting Notes
  • GTD
Import and export many different file formats:
  • Mindjet MindManager
  • Freemind/Freeplane
  • Novamind5
  • XMind
  • iMindmap
  • Mindview
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP
  • OPML
  • Markdown
  • Plain/rich text
  • CSV
  • MyThoughts (import only)
  • Mindnode (import only)
  • Mindmapper (import only)
Export maps as documents:
  • MS Powerpoint / Keynote (PPTX)
  • MS Word / Pages (DOCX)
  • MS Excel / Numbers (CSV)
  • MS Project (XML)
  • PDF
  • Image (PNG)
  • Website (zip package of map, html and attachments)
Flexible Topic Attributes:
  • Colour / Shape
  • Images / Icons
  • Notes
  • Rich text (fonts, colors etc.)
  • Hyperlinks (websites, other maps, other topics)
  • Callouts / Floating topics
  • Boundaries
  • Auto-numbering
  • Named relationships between topics
  • Style support (predefined collections of colors, fonts, shapes etc.)
Task Management:
  • Assign start/due date, effort, progress, priority and resources
  • Email task reports (by project, by resource)
Advanced Mindmap Features:
  • Multiple layouts (horizontal, vertical, fishbone etc.)
  • Multiple link styles (curved, tapered, right angled etc.)
  • Embedded documents (PDF, XLS, DOC etc)
  • Over 100 builtin icons, 90 clipart images and 35 background canvas patterns.
  • 10 system ‘Map Styles’.
  • Rules based filtering engine.
  • Presentation mode.

What’s New

Version 4.12:

New Features:
  • Compressed Layout Option (see more on one screen)
  • Cost field in Task Settings (with rollup option)
  • Markdown attributes now toggle (CMB+B etc)
  • Show task panel for multiple selected topics
  • Keyboard shortcuts for editing cost/effort quickly (c and e)
  • Change to map style didn't redraw topics
  • Attempting to remove progress from multiple topics can set the parent to be rollup
  • Strip whitespace from topics when copy/pasting
  • Bullet point layout issue
  • Drag image onto topic which already has a link - the link will be removed.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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