iThoughtsX 2.14.4026 – Mind-mapping utility on both iOS and OS X.


iThoughtsX is a mind mapping app for the Mac. It is based upon and fully compatible with iThoughts on iPad and iPhone.

Mindmapping enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Typical Uses:
• Course Notes/Revision
• Project planning
• Task lists
• Brainstorming
• Goal setting
• Meeting Notes

Import and export many different file formats:
• Mindjet MindManager
• Freemind/Freeplane
• Novamind5
• XMind
• iMindmap
• Mindview
• ConceptDraw MINDMAP
• Markdown
• Plain/rich text
• MyThoughts (import only)
• Mindnode (import only)
• Mindmapper (import only)

Export maps as documents:
• Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX)
• Word/Pages (DOCX)
• Excel/Numbers (CSV)
• Image (PNG)
• Website (zip package of map, html and attachments)

Out the box:
• 10 system ‘Map Styles’
• 35 background canvas options, 90 ‘stock images’ and over 50 ‘stock icons’
• 4 built in layouts (horizontal, vertical, topdown and fishbone)
• 6 link styles (straight, kinked, right angled, curved, s-bend and tapered)
• 7 shape options (rounded rectangle, oval, line, rectangle, brackets and none)
• Advanced mindmap options (note, callouts, boundaries, relationships, hyperlinks, attachments, task information etc.)

What’s New

Version 2.14.4026:

  • Some text could appear blurry on Yosemite
  • Export to Novamind crash (with resources)
  • % appended to priority in task report
  • Removed space below topic with image only
  • Improved link detection when pasting text


OS X 10.8 or later


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