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iStopMotion 3.7 – Create stop-motion animated movies.

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iStopMotion is for you if you remember how you watched, fascinated:

  • when King Kong climbed the Empire State building
  • when Luke Skywalker rode the ice beasts
  • when Wallace and Gromit hunted down the Were-Rabbit

For centuries now, stop motion animation has made the fantasies of film makers come true: now it’s time to tell your story, frame by frame.


Version 3.7:

  • Live View is now available for specifically white listed DSLR cameras by Canon or Nikon. Please refer to for a complete list of supported models. If you think your Canon or Nikon DSLR should be supported, please let us know using the Provide Feedback command in the iStopMotion menu.
  • If your DSLR camera is set to auto mode a warning will appear that you will get a flickering movie.
  • Screen Capture Source can now be set to full screen size via popup menu.
  • Fixed crash when multiple images were imported at once.
  • Fixed crash when using iStopCamera (remote iStopMotion camera app for iOS devices)
  • The Canon 700D isn't recognized under OS X 10.7.5. Please update your OS.
  • Opening certain QuickTime movies with iStopMotion fails due to a sandbox violation. Please use iStopMotion project files only.
  • If you are using iGlasses, please install version 3.2.1 or later in combination with iStopMotion 3.


OS X 10.7.4 or later