iShowU Studio 2.0.1 – Screen capture with full post-recording editing.

iShowU Studio 2.0.1

iShowU Studio, built from day one with a single core idea: easy screen recording and editing on your Mac — so that it’s easy to capture what you need; edit; and then share where you want to. It’s easy to add text, annotations, transitions, pointers, and highlights, and then to share your result. Features you’ve come to expect in the iShowU “series” have been supercharged: screen and camera recording, mouse highlighting and keyboard animations take on a new lease on life now that you can edit when and how they appear. Did we mention we’ve reworked uploading too? Take the best realtime capture, then mix in world-class editing — and voilà, that’s iShowU Studio 2!

What’s New

Version 2.0.1:

  • Much better select recording area interface
  • Added transitions
  • You can move objects in the scene using arrow keys
  • Added ability to align and distribute objects
  • Added easier shortcuts to toggle between scrubbing and split mode
  • Added shortcut keys to start and stop playback, as well as just play current selection
  • Added shortcut to duplicate segments
  • Added shortcuts to raise and lower volume of a segment
  • Added shortcuts to goto previous/next edit
  • Added shortcut to enable/disable snapping (can be temporarily enabled/disabled with CTRL)
  • Added ability to zoom out further than duration of the project
  • Added shortcuts for zooming in/out and resetting zoom
  • Added default style for shape, text, and media segments (in preferences)
  • Added more options for export size
  • Added ProRes export
  • Added ability to copy a segment by dragging and holding down ALT
  • Added cap/join style for shape segments
  • Added ability to select all segments in a track
  • Added exporting a selected range of a project
  • Added exporting to animated GIF
  • Move properties, project info, and media into collapsible tab view
  • Remove default layout of timeline overlapping scene
  • Double-clicking on a segment in the timeline now opens the properties panel
  • Removed all the dialogs at the beginning and now just show the recording settings window
  • Accessibility warning now shown in the recording settings window
  • Re-organised menus with new shortcuts for greater ease of use
  • All segments are shown with a larger height in the timeline
  • Timeline height can now be changed by dragging the divider
  • Segments in the timeline look flatter now
  • Segments can now be dragged above or below existing segments
  • Updated shortcuts help window to contain many more shortcuts
  • Arrow keys behave differently if the scene or timeline has focus, so added shortcuts to focus scene/timeline
  • Improved right-click behaviour
  • Automatically scroll to a segment when it is moved up or down
  • Added ability to undo changing crop area
  • Improved cut animations
  • Make scaling a lot more sensible
  • Timer settings now shows as a sheet instead of a separate window
  • Changed snapping modifier key to CTRL
  • Added ability to delete individual unused media items
  • Improved visualisation of crop area
  • Freeze frame now works at the end of a segment
  • Removed gestures (existing gesture segments will still work)
  • Changed shortcut for new empty project
  • Renamed "Split Into Parts" to "Detach Audio"
  • Made segment colours more consistent
  • Made "Select All of Type" more intuitive
  • Tweaked UI of sharing window
  • Made split mode more consistent; clicking in the timeline now splits across all tracks
  • Made move up/down/front/back much more sensible
  • Don't automatically delete media; this is now done manually from the Media tab
  • Disable a bunch of actions for empty projects
  • Removed ripple delete for individual segments as this was buggy; you can still ripple delete a range
  • Modified the way camera frames are managed, to fix issues with non 16:9 frame formats
  • Resolved many issues for retina displays
  • Main recording settings window is much less jumpy
  • Fixed windows jumping about when dragging by the titlebar
  • Fixed position of segment being incorrect while dragging and scrolling
  • Fixed shadows not displaying correctly
  • Fixed other minor graphical issues
  • Fixed deleted segments sometimes not being removed properly
  • Fixed bug with segment properties
  • Fixed bug where copying a screencast segment didn't show the keypresses
  • Fixed time-related issues
  • Fixed mouse properties being shown for camera segment
  • Fixed bugs with segment position when dragging multiple segments
  • Fixed undo not working for some segment properties
  • Fixed newly added audio sometimes not playing
  • Fixed empty undo events being created when nothing had changed
  • Fixed playhead not jumping to beginning when play is pressed and playhead is at the end
  • Fixed undoing and redoing sometimes hiding keypresses
  • Fixed paste sometimes positioning segments incorrectly
  • Fixed dragging multiple segments sometimes positioning segments incorrectly
  • Fixed undoing/redoing while loading media files corrupting the project
  • Fixed redoing sometimes not putting segments in the correct place
  • Fixed adding new media clearing previous undo actions
  • Fixed creating new project with media having incorrect size
  • Fixed frames sometimes showing incorrectly (frame flashing)
  • Fixed properties not being updated after splitting a screencast segment into parts
  • Fixed playhead moving when dragging the end of a segment
  • Fixed visualisation range changing when dragging the end of a segment
  • Fixed timeline scrolling even when segment wasn't being extended
  • Fixed playhead not growing in height with timeline
  • Fixed videos not scrubbing properly when being resized or trimmed
  • Fixed undo not working for object properties after undoing/redoing
  • Fixed handling of empty values for object properties
  • Fixed keyboard navigation not working in the sharing window
  • Fixed cancelling publishing not working
  • Fixed publication history not being stored properly
  • Fixed bug where saving the document too quickly could cause a crash
  • Fixed an obscure bug that would occasionally cause crashes
  • Fixed background being drawn outside of circle segments
  • Fixed timer window truncating the time
  • Fixed picture segments not being able to be dragged to the left
  • Fixed snapping in the scene snapping to invisible items
  • Fixed bugs with shadows not drawing properly
  • Fixed timer not working properly in some locales
  • Fixed memory leaks


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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