Intermission 1.0.2 – Pause and rewind live audio on your Mac.

Intermission 1.0.2Intermission allows you to pause and rewind live audio from any application on your Mac. Intermission will buffer up to 3 hours of audio, allowing users to skip through any assortment of audio content.

What’s New

Intermission 1.0.2

  • Intermission now offers preliminary support for developer preview versions of Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).
  • Audible glitching which could be heard when watching video in full-screen on newer Macs has been corrected.
  • There was an issue where audio dropouts and static could be heard when audio was being sent to AirPlay devices. That issue has been resolved, and a mighty roar when up from the crowd. Yay.
  • The Intermission Tour can now be accessed and replayed from the Support menu.
  • Several minor visual glitches with Intermission's slider have been corrected.
  • Support for complex pro audio devices has been improved, and more fixes for these devices are still to come.


Mac OS X 10.7 or higher


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