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IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 – Intelligent Java IDE.

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IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2

IntelliJ IDEA lets you code without a hitch. It practices a non-intrusive, intuitive approach to help you write, debug, refactor, test and learn your code. Thanks to its deep understanding of languages and technologies, IntelliJ IDEA provides a second pair of hands for you when you need them. Playing the game by your rules without ever getting in your way – that’s what we believe is the key to a productive and pleasant development.


Version 2017.3.2:

This update fixes lots of various issues, the most notable are:
  • First and foremost, the Kotlin plugin bundled with the IDE has been updated to v1.2.10. The updated plugin contains a fix for a major Gradle performance regression KT-21557.
  • For Gradle test runner, the Rerun failed tests button is again available inside the Debug tool window. IDEA-183164
  • Now, the IDE doesn’t crash after a function creation or a function replacement in the Redshift console editor IDEA-183889.
  • Files generated by the annotation processor aren’t stored in the output directory anymore IDEA-183336.
  • The IDE now selects the appropriate Gradle JVM automatically IDEA-149592, this also works for the first project in Gradle IDEA-148681.
  • The issue with too many processes indexing a Git repository has been fixed IDEA-177754.


OS X 10.8 or later