iMyFone LockWiper – Remove Apple ID & Lock Screen from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

iMyFone LockWiper
iMyFone LockWiper is a software that can remove Apple ID and Screen Lock without password. It’s developed by iMyFone team.

  • Remove Apple ID without password from any iDevices
  • Bypass screen passcode for locked, disabled, broken screen
  • Complete self-service program, no tech skills required

If you own an iPhone, there’s a slight change that you locked yourself out by forgetting a freshly changed passcode or trying too many combinations in a short time, which renders the phone unusable for a while.

In the situations depicted above, you can either wait, try really hard to remember the passcode you just updated or, if all hope is gone, resort to specialized third-party software solutions such as iMyFone LockWiper to help you bypass the password.

iMyFone LockWiper

Remove Apple ID without Passcode

Step 1. Install iMyFone LockWiper to PC/Mac and run it. Enter the “Unlock Apple ID” mode.

If you didn’t trust your computer before, you will need to trust it by selecting “Trust” from the pop-up prompt on iPhone.

Step 2. Plug iOS device to computer via a USB cable and click “Start to Unlock”. Now you will start unlocking your current Apple ID and iCloud account

If you have disabled “Find My iPhone” on your iOS device, LockWiper will automatically launch the unlock process.
After that, the iOS device will automatically restart. And LockWiper will also begin to delete your Apple ID and iCloud account.

For more tutorials you can visit the official website to get it.

Remove iPhone passcodes

Although the app’s name might trick you into believing that you can bypass any iPhone password without any efforts, what it actually does is remove everything from your iPhone and upgrades it to the latest version of iOS.

Yes, the password also gets removed during the “unlocking” process, but many users might believe that losing everything on your device and updating to the latest iOS version is too high a price to pay.

Despite the fact that its name is somewhat misleading, you’ll also be informed about the risks of running this procedure in the main window. The warning lets you know that all data will be erased, the iOS will be updated to its latest firmware and that you should make sure that your iPhone has enough power to withstand all these operations.

All in all, if you have no other way of using your locked iPhone, don’t care about the data that’s stuck on the device and already have the latest iOS version (and prefer it that way), you can consider using iMyFone LockWiper. It won’t magically make the passcode disappear, but will make your iPhone usable again.
iMyFone LockWiper

Try iMyfone LockWiper today

You can download the iMyfone LockWiper. The application is available with a free trial while the full version starts from $39.95.If you are a Windows user. iMyFone LockWiper also has a Windows version.

This post is a sponsor promotion. From iMyFone.

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