IINA 1.0.3

IINA is the modern video player for macOS.

  • For and only for modern macOS – IINA is born to be a modern macOS application, from its framework to its user interface. It adopts the post-Yosemite design language, and keeps up the pace of new technologies such as Force Touch and Touch Bar.
  • Revolutionary user experience – IINA simplifies a lot of user interactions. In addition to traditional cascaded menus, it provides interactive UI components and gestures to give you intuitive, flexible, powerful control of the playback.
  • Powerful functionality – Based on MPV, one of the most powerful media player projects ever, IINA supports almost all common media types (even GIF) and stably outputs high-quality video that is optimized for Retina screen. MPV’s config file and script system are also integrated.
  • You are the target-user – IINA is made by a user like you, who (may be) also having been expected for a powerful and elegant media player on macOS for years. Whether you just got your first Mac or are already a professional MPV user, IINA will satisfy you for its customizability and expandability.

Note:IINA is a free open source software. You can download in the official website.

What’s New

Version 1.0.3:

  • Corrects label/tooltip for Safari toolbar button (#2313)
  • Fixes arguments with "=" cannot be parsed correctly.
  • Fixes can't hide side bar when current tab is audio or subtitles (#2360)
  • Fixes long time label is cut off in Music Mode (#2344)
  • Prevents crash when adding custom filter with no name (#2348)
  • Fixes some URL with trailing newline cannot be opened by Open URL Window (#2309)
  • Fixes media keys not working on App start up (#2338)
  • Adds .cue extension to document types.
  • Adds a new option -no-stdin to iina-cli (#2086).
  • Adds a search bar to filter and search key bindings. (#2241)
  • Update Russian localization (#2368)
  • Update Japanese localization (#2325)


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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