IINA 0.0.7 – Modern video player (alpha).

IINA 0.0.7

IINA is the modern video player for macOS.

  • For and only for modern macOS – IINA is born to be a modern macOS application, from its framework to user interface. It adopts the post-Yosemite design language and keeps up the pace of new technologies like Force Touch and Touch Bar.
  • Revolutionary user experience – IINA simplified a lot of user interactions. In addition of traditional cascaded menus, it prefer using interactive UI components and gestures to give you intuitive, flexible and powerful control of the playback.
  • Powerful functionality – Based on MPV, one of the most powerful media player projects ever, IINA supports almost all common media types (even GIF) and stably output high-quality video that optimized for retina screen. MPV’s config file and script system are also integrated.
  • You are the target user – IINA is made by a user like you, who (may be) also having been expected for a powerful and elegant media player on macOS for years. Whether you just got your first Mac or are already a professional MPV user, IINA will satisfy you for its customizability and expandability.

What’s New

Version 0.0.7:

  • Add support for OpenSubtitles
    • Please set "Subtitle source" to "opensubtitles.org"
  • Auto complete for subtitle language settings
  • Display document icon in titlebar
    • Right click titlebar to show path menu
  • More gesture controls:
    • Customizing vertical and horizontal scrolling actions
    • Setting sensitivity for volume (and seek)
    • Support pinch gesture (to zoom window or toggle fullscreen)
    • Optimize for mouses that don't support precise scrolling
  • Human readable key binding settings, doesn't require knowledge on mpv command
  • Improved open URL dialog, add GUI for HTTP authentication
    • Support url containing spaces / lacking protocol
  • Support mpv's ontop and geometry options
  • Support Apple Remote
Bug fixes
  • Fix prevent/allow sleep not working when pause/resume by right click
  • Fix standard buttons (traffic lights) may be disabled after opening new files (in build 15)
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio when playing some portrait videos recorded by mobile devices
  • Fix "saving downloaded sub" always saves the last subtitle
  • Fix the logic of whether resetting speed to normal when paused
  • Fix hanging when using some custom mpv.conf
  • Fix audio language preference not work
  • Other bug fixes
  • Now shortcuts for sidebar (Cmd+A/V/S/P/C) will switch to panel/tab directly
  • Set default UI auto hide time to 2.5s (5s in previous version)
  • Ignore hidden files when adding files into playlist
  • Better synchronization of sliders and text fields (for play speed, sub/audio delay)
  • Update "About" window
  • Allow decimal numbers for sub settings, like border, shadow
  • Change default screenshot folder to "~/Pictures/Screenshots"
  • Polish translation
  • Other enhancements


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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