iFFmpeg 5.5.0 – Convert multimedia files between formats.


iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.

What’s New

Version 5.5.0:

  • Added option ‘Set Major Brand’. For example to encode to MP42 (MP4 v2 ISO 14496-14) instead of ISOM.
  • Added 192000Hz sample rate for all supported audio codecs.
  • Added support for AJA Kona 10-bit Lossless Codec (for MOV container)
  • Added EAC3 audio codec to the MPEG container.
  • Added ‘Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB’ support (MOV container).
  • Added ADPCM support (FLV container).
  • Added FFmpeg option ‘LPC coefficient precision’.
  • Added FFmpeg option ‘Impulse block bias’.
  • Partly rewritten core code for FFmpeg handling.
  • Audio Time offset can now hold negative times too.
  • Color range can now be set to MPEG (16-235) or JPEG (0-255).
  • iFFmpeg user presets can now be used in myFFmpeg and vice versa.
  • Now cleans up all temporally files when using 2 or 3 pass encoding.
  • Correct handling of containers with odd stream layouts.
  • Improved Hard burning subtitles for .ass, .srt and .sub subtitles.
  • Improved printing FFmpeg console output.
  • Improved FFmpeg error handling.
  • Improved ProRes support.
  • Improved DV support.
  • Improved iPad preset.
  • Now shows the correct ‘q’ value while encoding (in popup window)
  • Slightly faster DVD authoring.
  • MPEGTS metadata tag ‘Service Name’ now uses correct tag naming.
  • Saving watermark settings with special characters in filename now works as expected.
  • Fixed iPod preset (for older iPods)
  • Fixed issue when merging files finished.
  • Fixed issue when padding and keeping original resolution.
  • Fixed issue customising the toolbar in OS X 10.10.x
  • Fixed issue with AYUV support (MOV container).
  • Fixed right contextual menu item ‘Add to iFFmpeg’ for OS X 10.10.x
  • Fixed issue resetting options when changing another preset.
  • Fixed encoding to Animated GIF.
  • Fixed issue with exporting to PNG images.
  • Fixed issue when choosing destination folder/name in the batch list.
  • Fixed target setting for DVVIDEO.
  • Fixed decoding option ‘Ignore decoding time stamps’.
  • Updated French, Dutch and German translations.


OS X 10.7 or later


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