iDefrag 5.0.1 – Disk defragmentation and optimization tool.


iDefrag helps defragment and optimize your disk for improved performance. Features include:

  • Supports HFS and HFS+ (Mac OS Extended).
  • Supports case sensitive and journaled filesystems.
  • Supports adaptive hot file clustering (“Hot Zone”).
  • Four powerful defragmentation algorithms:
    • Compact data, moving all free space to one place.
    • Optimize filesystem metadata.
    • On-line defragmentation.
    • Defragment whilst your disk is mounted.
    • Advanced programmable optimization.
    • Rearrange your disk the way you want.
  • B-Tree metadata file compaction/optimization support.
  • High-performance user-defined file classification engine.
  • Per-block and accurate whole disk display.
  • Detailed statistics so you know whether you need to optimize.
  • Inspector allows you to view details of individual extents/files.
  • Quickly jump to specific files to examine them in more detail.
  • Altivec accelerated display for improved performance.
  • Auto-update feature ensures you always have the latest version.
  • Fine-grained security, just like iPartition.
  • AppleScript support.


OS X 10.10 or later


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