iClip 5.2.2 – Advanced clipboard for copying and pasting.

iClip 5.2.2

iClip is the premier multiple-clipboard and scrapbook tool that enables you to keep a history of almost anything you copy, instead of only the last thing.

iClip was designed to be accessed as simply as the Mac’s Dock: just move your cursor to the side of the screen and iClip pops out for instant use.

  • Get things into and out of iClip with hotkeys, drag-and-drop, or just 1-click.
  • Organize your stored clips into multiple sets and have them ready to paste in an instant.
  • Imagine having common email replies, logos and signatures, code-snippets, and more just a single click or keyboard shortcut away!


Version 5.2.2:

  • Improved: Text-only Office Word clippings are now better readable in bin previews.
  • Fixed: Prevents potential crash when editing clippings.
  • Fixed: App Store purchases are again recognized by the non-App Store version.
  • Fixed: pre-5.2 iClip versions recognize a running iClip 5.2.2 or later version again and make sure one is quit instead of letting both run simultaneously, potentially losing clippings.
  • Scripting fixes and changes:
    • Bin preview gets updated after modification by a script.
    • Errors get now cleared before next script runs.
    • "filter incoming flavors" handler can now set the "preferred UTI of current clipping".
    • "clipping added interactively" handler does not get called for imported and duplicated clippings any more.


OS X 10.7 or later


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