iCalamus 2.07 – Desktop publishing solution.


iCalamus is a desktop publishing solution that allows you to create documents with text, photos, and other visual elements.

The unregistered version of iCalamus already offers a cool feature: You can create professional photo books and calendars like in the full version and order high-quality prints at the Photographerbook company. The Photographerbook document service in iCalamus even supports iPhoto calendars (and iPhoto books coming soon) which can be printed at Photographerbook at a lower price.

iCalamus has been developed completely new for Apple’s operating system. iCalamus is an excellent choice for all layout purposes from simple posters and business letters over complex layouted magazines up to books and scientific works. Complete Unicode support and the smart PDF import offer easy access to creating and layout work. The reasoned user interface with its low learning curve guarantees for fast success. iCalamus doesn’t limit your layout freedom by offering prepared layouts. Its practical tools offer all options for your own creative and productive layout work.

iCalamus is a modular program which will grow in future by external modules, even from third-party developers. Therefore invers Software will create an Open Development Area (ODA) and publish the plug-in interface. iCalamus has been developed in Objective C with intensive usage of Apple’s Cocoa library.

You can import all image and text formats which are supported by Mac OS X into iCalamus documents. Images from digital cameras scanners or iPhoto libraries can be imported as well as whole Web page content and PDF documents. Grab text content from large PDF documents easily for further text processing. Elaborated masking options and many predefined, partly dynamically changeable frame shapes offer freedom for creativity. Working in precise measurement units is the other side of the iCalamus world. Use virtual copies for multiple document elements and change them afterwards with a few mouse clicks.

Print output uses all printers which are supported by OS X. Optionally output documents in various PDF formats (e.g., PDF-X, encrypted PDF, PDF Fax).

What’s New

Version 2.07:


  • Fix: Supporting OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Fix: Vector objects with no or one single path element no longer cause frame handling issues.
  • Fix: Textflow issue resolved.
Geometry Inspector
  • Fix: [760], [768]: Fixed incorrect value changes of width/height of scaled objects.
Editing Document
  • New: [763]: Browse document pages using standard keys.
  • Fix: [740]: Changing text style and adding text no longer crashes iCalamus.
  • The Photographerbook company has moved to a new location. The new address is being shown in the relevant dialogs.
  • New: All relevant icons updated into resolution-independent versions.
  • New: The registration form converts entered NAME and MATCHCODE strings automatically to uppercase letters.
  • Fix: Text Inspector: : Wrong tooltip text replaced in the Superscript/Subscript baseline offset value field.
  • Fix: General Preferences: : Wrong tooltip text removed from Zoom popup menu.
  • Fix: Media Inspector: : Fixed selection for sorted items.
  • Fix: View > Zoom > Full Size correctly zooms to 100% document size on all screens.
Other Bugfixes
  • Fix: [757]: Set frame to proportional mode when importing images by dragging.
  • Fix: [759]: Odd document grid parameters caused iCalamus to become unresponsive.
  • Other bugs fixed.
  • New: Import of SVG files: iCalamus converts SVGs into PDF (don't use this in productive environments yet).


OS X 10.8 or later


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