HoudahSpot 3.5.3 – An advanced front-end for Spotlight.

HoudahSpot is the front-end most Spotlight users don’t know they’re missing.

With HoudahSpot your files are at your fingertips. Keep frequently used files within reach. Retrieve the files you didn’t know you still had.

Create detailed queries to pinpoint the exact file you want to get to. Save queries for direct access to your favorite files. Set up templates for frequently performed searches. Use HoudahSpot for some housekeeping (Hi, Mom!). You could ask HoudahSpot to find all music files not yet in your Music folder. Just drag the results to your Music folder.

Demo download is a 15-day trial.


Version 3.5.3:

  • Fixes a bug where duplicating a criterion would leave the copy ignored by the query
  • Fixes a bug where the Limit… was not applied correctly

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