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Hot Shots 2.1
Hot Shots 2! is an even better way to browse Dribbble shots from amazing designers and developers on It’s been updated to use the new Dribbble API – you can like shots, follow players, and browse shots of a player.

  • Login with your Dribbble account to like, follow, view shots you’ve liked, and shots of players you’re following
  • Browse all kinds of shots with different filters: Recent Shots, Recent Debuts, Recent Team Shots, Recent Playoffs, Recent Rebounds, Recent Animated GIF, Popular Shots, Popular Debuts, Popular Team Shots, Popular Playoffs, Popular Rebounds, Popular Animated GIF
  • Plus a bunch more!

What’s New

Version 2.1:

  • Fixed issue with access tokens from They weren't updated properly if the token was invalid. Hot Shots now notifies you when tokens are invalid, and you need to re-login.
  • Fixed minor bug with collection view.
  • Send Feedback now opens a Disqus forum.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking outside of a cell, app would crash.
  • Fixed loading spinner in the shot detail window.
  • Trial version now shows paddle registration every 5 minutes.
  • Version update to match mac app store.


OS X 10.10 or later


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