Growl 2.0 – Notification system for OS X apps

Growl is a notification system that allows any application to send it a notification, and then it displays it. You can (for example) be notified that you have new email, or that a download completed.


Version 2.0:General

  • Adds support for OS X notification center on 10.8.
  • Adds in support for Prowl and Boxcar services as action displays.
  • Rollup has better idle detection.
  • Growl is now sandboxed.


  • The ON/OFF switch throughout Growl should be easier to understand now.


  • Speech now introduces greater control.
  • Separates Action displays from Visual displays.
  • Music Video can now left and right justify text.
  • Fixes height problems for multi line notifications in Music Video.
  • Nano can now display in multiple locations, left, center and right.
  • Added an SoundAction display.
  • Added a way to not have any visual notifications.

Bug fixes

  • Resolves the high CPU issue.
  • Resolves multiple crashes.
  • Shortcuts can now be unset.

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