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GoodTask 2.2.1 – Reminders/To-do/Task Manager.

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GoodTask 2.2.1

Love your stock Reminders app but you feel like you need some more? Get GoodTask and it’s done. Reminders have been completely reimagined and with GoodTask 2, it’s now a powerful task manager.

  • Your tasks are on a calendar. View your tasks on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Navigate through dates and see what you’ve done and what you should do.
  • Tags can be added on your title or notes easily. You can make Tag Lists to manage them separately. Switching between tags are simply done with a right-click. Use Reminders with GTD method or any way you want.
  • Add new tasks with Smart Add. Make your own rules and add new tasks easily. Command-enter will let you keep the settings to make multiple tasks super fast.
  • Make your own Smart Lists with merged lists with priorities filter
  • Right-click tasks to quickly change due dates, lists, priorities and change tags
  • All tasks/ Undated/ Recurring/ Overdue/ Location-based/ Priority tasks can be shown separately
  • Due dates and alarm time can be managed separately
  • Search through your upcoming and completed tasks
  • Today Widget to complete your tasks right away
  • Menu bar component to add tasks and view your upcoming tasks at a glance
  • Notifications
  • Beautiful translucent windows with optional Dark mode (Manual or Scheduled)


Version 2.2.1:

  • NEW : Custom Repeat Options - Monthly First and Last Weekday & Weekend day
  • FIX : Bug that didn't show tasks made from other certain 3rd party apps


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor