GoodTask 2.0 – Reminders/To-do/Task Manager.


GoodTask 2 for Mac OS X Yosemite

Love your stock Reminders app but you feel like you need some more? Get GoodTask 2 and it’s done. Reminders have been completely reimagined and with GoodTask 2, it’s now a powerful task manager.

– Your tasks are on a calendar. View your tasks on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Navigate through dates and see what you’ve done and what you should do.

– Tags can be added on your title or notes easily. You can make Tag Lists to manage them separately. Switching between tags are simply done with a right-click. Use Reminders with GTD method or any way you want.

– Add new tasks with Smart Add. Make your own rules and add new tasks easily. Command-enter will let you keep the settings to make multiple tasks super fast.

– Make your own Smart Lists with merged lists with priorities filter
– Right-click tasks to quickly change due dates, lists, priorities and change tags
– All tasks/ Undated/ Recurring/ Overdue/ Location-based/ Priority tasks can be shown separately
– Due dates and alarm time can be managed separately
– Search through your upcoming and completed tasks
– Today Widget to complete your tasks right away
– Menu bar component to add tasks and view your upcoming tasks at a glance
– Notifications
– Beautiful translucent windows with optional Dark mode (Manual or Scheduled)


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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