Goldfish 3.9 – Create websites in a few easy steps.


Goldfish Professional is the easy-to-use solution for creating gorgeous, individual websites in little time. In the last few years Goldfish developed from a small tool to a widespread website creator with a growing user base. Goldfish is available in 2 different versions.

Goldfish Professional Only Features

  • Personal e-mail support from Fishbeam
  • NEW: Web 2.0 AJAX store with your own products, which can be configured in minutes
  • Add data from external sources and integration of Web applications
  • Add your own HTML and CSS code at nearly every position of your website
  • Development of Web applications with PHP, JavaScript, and other technologies
  • NEW: Stats from your website directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Goldfish Standard And Professional Features

  • Countless gorgeous designs for the creation of your website in only minutes
  • Efficient and intuitive creation with the unique Goldfish construction kit
  • Assistance by the use of templates for pages and page areas
  • Instant publishing with the built-in FTP publisher
  • Design your website freely with text, images, and rich-media content
  • NEW: Professional Web 2.0 image gallery in multiple styles
  • Dynamic menus with customizable designs in different styles
  • Dynamic visitor counter in many pleasant styles
  • NEW: Entirely customizable Web 2.0 AJAX e-mail forms
  • NEW: Stylish guestbook and comments module with Web 2.0 AJAX effects
  • Embed your own HTML code, e.g., for GoogleMaps, Flickr, or YouTube
  • Integration of external websites in iFrames
  • Supply of RSS feeds for news areas and blogs
  • NEW: Prepared for the Goldfish Clips library with over 500 high quality clips
  • Support from different Goldfish uses in our support forum

What’s New

Version 3.9:

  • Terms-and-Conditions-link option for the shopping cart item
  • Additional Terms-and-Conditions-link option for the shopping cart item
  • Improved password feature (works now with a form and with all hosting services)
  • Media import sets per default the file name as comment
  • Removed old IE warning
  • Menu entry at contextual menu and "+"-Button for adding external files and folders to the project list
  • jQuery version updated
  • Support of transparent GIFs in the editor
  • Support of SVG images everywhere where you can choose images (backgrounds, picture item, gallery, etc.) This allows the development of resolution-independent websites
  • GIF and SVG images: The property "calculate new on export" is deactivated by default
  • GIF and SVG images: Preview works now in the media import window
  • Added "http://" by default in the link window for external links.
  • New warning if you want to import big pictures without scaling them down
  • 1024 * 1024 icons for projects and designs on the Mac
  • Drop of images into a gallery insert them now at mouse position instead of the end
  • The Form mailer script shows now error messages if an error occurs while sending e-mails
  • New app icon and start screen for iPhone stats
  • Retina and iPhone5 screen resolution support for iPhone stats Web app
  • New Web view added for better access of the stats app from other devices like tablets and desktop computers
  • HTML5 doctype is used in all code documents
  • SMTP options are now only visible in the properties if you enable the new "Use External SMTP Server" property
  • FTP Publisher problems resolved
  • Dragging external files to the project works now with more than one file
  • Store buttons are working now as they should in Internet Explorer 10
  • The "accept conditions" checkbox works now on all Web servers (it was broken on some Web servers so that customers could not finish any orders)
  • Deactivating "accept conditions" in the properties hides now always the checkbox
  • The order number is now generated correctly on all Web servers (on some servers it was always "0")
  • Tab order in media import window corrected
  • Caption in the media import window corrected
  • Gallery has now again usual order when importing pictures
  • Import of images into a gallery has now always the correct alphabetical order
  • Resizing the project window when the project, components or properties are hided works now correctly
  • Page reorder in the project list is now fixed and works always
  • Fixed a bug in the iPhone stats Web app so that it does work with all PHP versions again
  • iPhone stats are now smoother on new iPhones
  • E-mail form SMTP-options are now localized in the English version.
  • The form mailer works again with PHP4, the script from 3.8. requires PHP5
  • Publish or preview of a website with empty image item works again (broken in 3.8)
  • Fixed a bug where an internal error occurred when closing the publish window


OS X 10.5.8 or later


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