Glyphs 2.3 – Dependable and intuitive font editor.

Glyphs 2.3

Glyphs is a simple to use Mac OS X app designed to allow anyone to create new fonts and modify letterforms with ease.

Glyphs’ main focus lays on streamlining the workflow.

Glyphs also comes with support for scripting. Scripts can help with a lot of repetitive tasks and will allow you to access all internal data and methods.

The font editor for everyone.

Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new fonts, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

What’s New

Version 2.3 (895):
Font View and Font Info

  • Yellow triangles in glyph cells now indicate metrics keys out of sync
  • Cmd-Opt-1 through 9 switches Tabs, Font tab is always Cmd-Opt-1
  • Added Font Note tab in Font Info
  • Added eight new smart filters: Has Annotations, Has Special Layers, Has Hints, Category, Subcategory, Has Custom Glyph Info, Is Auto-Aligned, Metrics Keys Out of Sync
  • Glyphs > Add Component now supports adding components to all selected glyphs at once
  • Duplicating masters now also duplicates kerning
  • Changed ordering of symbols
Edit View
  • New Pencil Tool (keyboard shortcut B)
  • 'Open Corner' and 'Reconnect Nodes' now work for multiple selections
  • Set Layer color by holding the Option key
  • Correct Path Direction for all Masters now also checks for Brace and Bracket layers
  • Apply PreFilter in instance preview
  • Prefer .case accents in mark cloud for lowercase letters with ascenders
  • Fixed tab order in grey info box
  • Caps and corners can now be flipped through Transformations palette
  • Transformations palette now supports aligning anchors
  • Edit > Find > Find supports multiple selection
  • Edit > Find > Find supports multiple search terms
  • Removed dialog for missing image, showing placeholder instead
  • Centering the active glyph in Preview is now an option: access setting via context menu
  • Annotation tool now supports panning and zooming
  • Allow kerning exceptions without prior group kerning
  • Now selects the next node if a node is deleted
  • Now keeps open path after Filter > Remove Overlap
  • Improved layer grouping for Master Compatibility view
  • Improved master compatibility for Smart Glyphs
  • Improved preview and display of components in Brace layers
  • Brace and Bracket layers are now displayed in bold inside Layers palette
  • Fixed behaviour of handles at the end of paths.
  • Fixed position of corner/cap badge
  • Fixed interpolation/preview of corner components
  • Fixed re-interpolation with Bracket layers
  • Now prevents smooth corners between line segments
  • New app icon
  • Many bugfixes and stability improvement
  • Now stores more of the UI state in the .glyphs file (e.g., tab zoom and preview setting)
  • Fixed an issue with glyphs that are are marked as changed every time the document is opened
  • Improved performance with very big files
  • Now stores app version in Glyphs file for debugging
  • And a few hundred smaller changes and improvements
  • Newly added nbspace now inherits width from space
File Import / Export
  • Check and report instances with the same name on export
  • Now better checks for duplicate glyph names on export
  • Import components from TTF
  • Import anchors from feature code
  • Import hhea ascender and descender as parameter
  • Import PANOSE values as parameter
  • Import OS/2 winAscent and winDescent from CFF as parameter
  • Improved import of SVG
  • Export AFM (option in file system dialog)
  • Export vertOrigin to vmtx
  • Now better preserves data type in Glyphs file, improves round tripping with UFO
  • UFO improvements for Font Info, components, and production glyph names
  • Now sets postscriptFontName on exporting UFO
  • Small improvements to UFO export
OpenType Features
  • Added support for cvXX features
  • Prevent duplicate substitutions in Arabic dlig
  • Added IgnoreMarks to kerning feature in Southeast Asian scripts
  • Only use anchors for mark feature that start with a letter (#anchor/_#anchor will be used to align components but not exported to mark feature)
  • Autocreation of ornm feature now checks for 'bullet' glyph
  • Export GDEF for all 'Nonspacing' and 'Spacing Combining' marks
  • Also looks at existing suffixed numbers to determine default figures
  • Fixed c2sc feature
  • Fixed anchors for marks inside ligature compounds (top vs. top_X)
Components and Corners
  • Relative metrics keys for auto alignment (e.g. =+20, or =-23)
  • Sorting and alignment of small (subscript, superscript) numbers
  • When importing metrics, disables auto alignment for components where .metrics file disagrees with autoalignment
  • Smart Component layers are included in the MM fixing tools
  • Allow force alignment for all components
  • Fix decomposition of corners
  • Align components at "exit/entry" anchors
  • Updated ttfautohint to version 1.5
  • TrueType Tool (I): implemented pixel preview for Grayscale, ClearType, DirectWrite
  • Manual TrueType hinting: much smoother scaling for horizontal stems in Grayscale and DirectWrite
  • Autohint components separately if one has PS hints
  • Improved TrueType instruction handling and export
  • Better preserve hints after filters
Custom Parameters
  • shoulderHeight now also used for Hebrew
  • Remove Feature now also supports the GPOS features kern and dist
  • Replace Feature allows custom kern features for every instance.
  • unicodeRanges now also available in instances
  • Removed Add Missing Symbol Glyphs parameter and disabled it for TTF export
  • New font parameters
  • Disable Last Change can help with version control
  • Post Table Type
  • codePageRanges
  • New instance parameters
  • Export Glyphs, toggles export of glyphs
  • Has WWS Names, sets bit 8 of OS/2 fsSelection
  • makeOTF Argument
  • Name Table Entry, adds entries to name table, format: "nameIDs;text", example: 4 3 1 1033;Blabla Sans
  • Update Features, forces recalculation of automated features
  • Write Kern Table, will export fully expanded kerning
  • New master parameters
  • Master Background Color
  • Master Name
Language Support and Glyph Data
  • Local Glyph Data: put a custom GlyphData.xml next to your .glyphs file, or in an Info subfolder, or in the parent folder
  • Added N’Ko script to Glyph Data
  • Glyph Data improvements for many scripts: Malayalam, Hangul, Kannada, etc.
  • Many improvements for Southeast Asian languages, esp. Lao, Myanmar
  • Many improvements for Japanese: Japan1 mapping
  • Don’t add IgnoreMarks to Kannada kern feature
  • Export abvm/blwm for Khmer
  • Allow kerning between Han and Kana glyphs
  • Added support for CNS1 mapping files
  • Allow custom CID mapping by storing cidXXXX in glyph
  • Added a many Unicode 8 and 9 Beta values, mostly Arabic
  • Many more and improved decompositions for Arabic compounds
  • Prevent nukta_halant-deva in ccmp
  • Many small improvements for deva feature code
  • Fixed accent cloud for halfforms
  • Added simplified Chinese localization
  • Added traditional Chinese localization
  • Updated Czech localization
  • Updated Japanese localization
Python and Scripts
  • Added Window > Plugin Manager
  • Plugins can be placed in the Plugin folder with aliases
  • Major rewrite and extension of the Python Wrapper, please check for changes
  • Major rewrite of the Plugin SDK for Python, please see
  • Call willActivate() for reporters at app start
  • Post notification after exported (GSDocumentWasExported)


OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor


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