Glyphs 2.2 – Dependable and intuitive font editor.


Glyphs is a simple to use Mac OS X app designed to allow anyone to create new fonts and modify letterforms with ease.

Glyphs’ main focus lays on streamlining the workflow.

Glyphs also comes with support for scripting. Scripts can help with a lot of repetitive tasks and will allow you to access all internal data and methods.

The font editor for everyone.

Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new fonts, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

What’s New

Version 2.2:

  • New: Cmd-X now cuts and breaks open paths.
  • New: Pasting a partial path replaces the path selection.
  • New: Instance Preview parameter for the previewed glyphs in File > Font Info > Instances. It takes a list of glyph names.
  • New: kerning indicator colors can now be customized in Preferences > User Settings.
  • New: Added support for SVG table (Mozilla/Adobe SVG color font): drag SVG files onto a separate "svg" layer.
  • New: Allow storing of custom values for script, category, subcategory and production name per glyph. This gives some independence from the GlyphData file.
  • New: versionString custom parameter (value: 'Version %d.%03d’).
  • New: kerning group names are validated upon entry.
  • New: smaller grid for offcurve nodes in coarse grid/subdivision settings.
  • New: Link Metrics With First Master custom parameter (for layered color fonts).
  • Glyphs now offers to decompose compounds when referenced glyphs are deleted (thanks Christoph).
  • Longer glyph names are now possible.
  • Increased the number of possible masters.
  • You can now add custom shortcuts for all tools in Terminal: defaults write com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs2 AnnotationTool.Hotkey "q"
  • Changed automatic components to pick up non-combining accents, too.
  • Glyphs now cleans up its Temp folder: files older than two months are deleted.
  • Improved Select All Layers tool.
  • Improved Annotations tool: selection, moving/transforming with keyboard, Copy Paste
  • Improved performance in the OpenType feature editor significantly.
  • Improved master compatibility and display of alignment zones for brace/bracket glyphs.
  • Improved bounding box handling and transformation of smart components.
  • Improved drawing of background paths and dark background colors, as well as background path drawing on non-Retina displays.
  • Proper production names for non-default Unicode settings.
  • Improved Apple Color font export
  • Improved Color Palette parameter dialog.
  • Improved Webfont Only parameter.
  • Improved Autohint command in Edit view.
  • Updated Cyrillic localization (thanks Alexei).
  • Removed validation in Font Info (now allows empty values).
  • Fixed: no more 'space' at GID 1 (was needed for compatibility with Apple Pages).
  • Fixed: Metrics of Brace layers now properly sync (thanks Christoph).
  • Fixed: Add Master from Other Font
  • Fixed: Replace Classes parameter
  • Fixed smallcap-related problems such as c2sc or composition.
  • Fixed: kern feature without any singleton kerning.
  • Fixed Kerning Panel problems in MacOS 10.11.
  • Fixed: Anchor button (for multiple anchors) in grey Info box.
  • Fixed some problems with anchors when exporting TrueType.
  • Fixed TTF export with nested components if one component is set to not export.
  • Fixed some undo problems
  • Fixed problem with "Add Extremes" (thanks Natalie)
  • Fixed: corner components are preserved when paths are copy pasted
  • Fixed scaling to different UPM with un-aligned components (thanks Linda)
  • Many small improvements and fixes.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Improved glyph width if no advance width is given in the .glif file.
  • Mask layer is now imported as background.
  • Improved style names in .ufo export and export to .ufo for converted names.
Glyph Data and Language Support
  • New: Kannada in the sidebar, first implementation of feature code and Glyph Data.
  • New: Thai and Burmese were added to the dimension panel.
  • New: Cherokee has been added to the Glyph Data.
  • Improved support for Tamil, Khmer, Kannada, Lepcha and Gurmukhi.
  • Improved Greek accents, some cyrillic anchors were added
  • Improved some arabic component autoalign.
  • Improved CJK metrics and vertical mode, added Grid parameters
  • Improved Japanese CID mapping and glyph data.
  • Improved Glyph Data for Hangul.
  • Fixed some Latin accented letters (thanks Mark).
  • Fixed composition for precomposed devanagari
  • Fixed generating of CID mapping for ROS-0.
  • Fixed subcategory for rakar forms
  • New: possibility for Scripts to draw (documentation is coming)
  • New: plugins can add a file type to the Open/Save dialogs with full document support
  • New: old copies of are now automatically removed from script folder
  • New: allow menu items from Reporter plugin.
  • Removed the delay on first script run. You may need to import some Cocoa classes yourself now.
  • Added annotations to Python wrapper.
  • Improved error handling for Python scripts (thanks Mark) and error reporting on export.
  • Improved Glyphs.documents and Glyphs.fonts proxies in Python wrapper.
  • Fixed


OS X 10.9.3 or later, 64-bit processor


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