Glyphs 2.0.1 – Dependable and intuitive font editor.


Glyphs is a simple to use Mac OS X app designed to allow anyone to create new fonts and modify letterforms with ease.

Glyphs’ main focus lays on streamlining the workflow.

Glyphs also comes with support for scripting. Scripts can help with a lot of repetitive tasks and will allow you to access all internal data and methods.

The font editor for everyone.

Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new fonts, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

What’s New

Version 2.0.1:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.9.1 or later.

  • Added support for color fonts.
  • Display color glyphs in font view.
  • New Select All Layers tool.
  • Added WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT export.
  • Added option to export CFF based webfonts.
  • Added QuickLook for webfonts.
  • Added Corner, Cap Components
  • Added Smart Components
  • The decomposition of accented letters uses the non-spacing combining accents now.
  • Improved Make Component for glyphs with suffixes.
  • Prevent problems with circular components.
  • Remove the limit for nested components.
  • Raw components with checker pattern in Master compatibility.
  • Snap to nodes in components.
  • Allow symbols in mark feature
  • Export mark2liga for all scripts.
  • Fixed position of nonspacing marks if they where spaced.
  • Improved handling of combined marks.
  • Mark to Mark positioning works for Indic scripts now.
  • Fixed drawing and handling of nodes/anchors at different handle sizes.
  • Use nested anchors for auto alignment of accents.
  • Fixed anchor button in component inspector for nested components.
  • Fixed position of center anchor for italic fonts
  • Implement LigatureCaretByPos in GDEF table. Add 'caret_XX' anchors to the ligature glyphs.
  • Improved lookup of anchors in components.
  • Improved auto anchor placement.
  • Improved alignment of components on export.
  • Fixed generation of the mkmk feature for Latin.
  • Adding a component to an empty glyph will set the spacing.
  • Fixed auto alignment of scaled components.
  • Fixed composition of small caps
  • Much improved TT export.
  • Automatically add a DSIG empty table to TTF fonts.
  • Added TrueType Instructioning tool.
  • Improved the decomposition of the nested components for TrueType export.
  • Added custom GASP table settings.
  • Fixed TTF conversion when missing extremes.
  • Fixed import of OT features from UFO.
  • Small UFO fixes.
  • Write metrics keys to UFO.
  • Improve saved data types in UFO font info.
  • Improved precision of values exported to .ufo.
Spacing and Kerning
  • Added .metrics file export.
  • Added third state to the kerning button in the edit view. It can look the spacing up now while doing the kerning with keyboard shortcuts with the Text tool to prevent accidental changes.
  • Improved metrics drawing in text mode.
  • Fixed setting kerning exceptions for both glyphs
  • Fixed import of kerning classes
  • Fixed import of kerning from OTF.
  • Fixed removing kerning exceptions.
  • Added renaming of kerning classes in the kerning panel.
  • Fixed metrics drawing for RTL.
  • Fixed calculation of width for auto aligned RTL glyphs.
  • Changing spacing with the transform filter should preserve components position a bit better.
  • Fixed transformation filter setting 'LSB'.
  • Implemented absolute metrics keys (use equal+number, =20).
  • Implemented im/export of .metrics files. This helps moving spacing, classes and kerning between files. Developed together with Igino Marini form
  • Many improvements in the Python wrapper. See
  • Load aliases of script files in Script Menu.
  • Add a GSInstance.generate() method to Python wrapper. Arguments:
    • (str) Format: 'OTF' or 'TTF'.
    • (str) FontPath: The destination path for the final font. If none, it uses the default location set in the export dialog.
    • (bool) AutoHint: If autohinting should be applied. Default: True.
    • (bool) RemoveOverlap: If overlaps should be removed. Default: True.
    • (bool) UseSubroutines: Whether subroutines are used for CFF. Default: True.
    • (bool) UseProductionNames: Whether production names are used. Default: True.
Custom Parameters
  • Allow easier Filter parameter names by dropping the 'GlyphsFilter' prefix. You can use 'RemoveOverlap;' instead of 'GlyphsFilterRemoveOverlap; now.'.
  • Added 'Disable Masters' custom instance parameter.
  • Added 'Use Extension Kerning' Parameter.
  • Added 'Keep Glyphs' custom parameter for subsetting.
  • Added 'PreFilter' custom parameter. It works just like the 'Filter' parameter but is executed before decomposition.
  • Added TrueType related Custom parameters, a.o., 'Remove post names for webfonts', 'TTFAutohint options'.
  • Fixed 'Rename Glyphs' parameter.
  • Fixed 'Scale to UPM' parameter.
  • Added 'Master Color' custom parameter.
  • Added 'Color Palettes' parameter.
  • Added dialog for settings PANOSE values and export it correctly.
  • Scale values in master custom parameters.
  • Glyph Data updates for Arabic, Devanagari, Thai and many others.
  • Shoulder Height Custom parameter. Useful for Arabic or Devanagari.
  • A lot of improvements to the Indic script feature support, added some Gujarati, Oriya, Tibetan support.
  • Automatically activate all features if Devanagari script is selected.
  • Added contextual Devanagari iMatra feature generation.
  • Big improvements to Devanagari handling.
  • Greatly improve the Devanagari feature generation. (a.o., rakar+nukta, add vertical contextual kerning for candaraBindu, thx Alessia).
  • Added iMatra feature for Gujarati.
  • Added some support for Oriya, Telugu and Malayalam.
  • Fixed Arabic kerning.
  • Change 'tatweel-ar' to 'kashida-ar'.
  • Changes automatic alignment for Arabic ligatures. They are aligned correctly RTL, now.
  • First version of Dimension panel for other scripts (only Arabic for now).
  • Improvements to arabic glyph data ��" decomposition and ligature sorting.
  • Changes automatic alignment for Arabic ligatures. They are aligned correctly RTL, now.
  • First version of Dimension panel for other scripts (only Arabic for now).
  • Improvements to arabic glyph data ��" decomposition and ligature sorting.
  • Improvements to the Japanese CID mapping file.
  • Fixed CID font export, add more Adobe-Japan1 GSUB resources.
  • Multiple insets for CJK glyphs.
  • Set initial width of new CJK glyphs equal to UPM.
Multiple Master
  • Implemented third dimension for interpolation.
  • Implemented intermediate master with Brace trick.
  • Added option to Layer panel: Re-Interploate the current layer (useful for brace layers).
  • Improved the compatibility checker. It will check 'Brace' layers and look for anchors.
  • Properly interpolate the vertical metrics of brace layers.
  • Copy extra layers if master is duplicated
  • Fixed drawing of none Master layers in preview.
  • Better interpolate exceptions if not present in all masters.
  • Added 'Correct Path Direction for all Masters'.
  • Improved repositioning of the edit view after switching masters.
  • In Layer panel: put the alternate layers next to the masters.
  • Implement hint replacement for manually set PS hints.
  • Exported TTF fonts can be ttfAutohinted now.
  • Implemented manual TT instructions for DW.
Font View
  • Added regex option to search field in font view, and the Search and Replace in glyph names.
  • Added option to invert selection in font view.
  • Fixed several undo problems in Font View.
  • Improved display of glyph names in glyph info box in font view.
  • Added option do negate filter option in sidebar filters.
  • Allow unicode chars in list filters.
  • Update the sidebar of all open fonts after adding a custom filter.
  • Added a few options to smart filters.
  • Added 'Has Unicode' smart filter option.
  • Fixed selection in list mode.
  • Largely improved Paste Special options.
  • Added new options to contextual menu item Copy Glyph Names.
  • Fixed the gray glyphs (changed) after opening a font.
  • Enable context menu from list mode.
  • Improved ordering of circled numbers.
Edit View and Tools
  • Reworked the gray info boxes.
  • Line break on space in edit view.
  • Option drag to duplicate selection.
  • Now the 'Delete glyphs' command works in the edit view.
  • Implement 'invert selection' for edit view
  • Improved the Knife tool.
  • Improved the Rotate and Scale tools (thanks Jan, DTF).
  • Increase precision of transform values
  • Implemented Lock of Guides.
  • Fixed typing in textfield if a nonlatin keyboard is selected.
  • Added small threshold before the draw tool makes curves.
  • Better arrow key movement for Grid Size other than 1.
  • Change drawing of end nodes of open paths.
  • Draw mask path more clearly before dark background.
  • Improved scrolling and zooming behavior especially for vertical mode.
  • Improved path direction calculation.
  • Fixed the handle mirror (by holding ctrl+opt while dragging).
  • Fixed default position of preview in edit view.
  • Improved restoration and default preview size.
  • Fixed problems with manual input of scaling values for components and images.
  • Option to change edit view colors in Preferences.
  • New layout for the transformation panel.
  • Reworked origin selector in Transformation panel.
  • Fixed Tab order in Transform Panel.
  • Added Remove overlap, Subtract and Intersect buttons to the transform panel.
Font Info and Features
  • Updated the font info a bit.
  • Show custom family names in instance list.
  • Improved support for localized font names (add a dialog and supported languages).
  • Tweak layout of feature view, textview width and indentation.
  • Allow groups in feature list sidebar to be collapsed.
  • Added code for automatic update of classes 'All' and 'AllLetters'.
  • Added more glyphs with .tf suffix to the tnum feature.
  • Added a few more features (pcap, c2pc, hlig etc.) to feature generator.
  • Check for disabled classes and prefixes.
  • Don’t add mgrk, cpsp feature automatically, Add option to add them and some classes manually from the add button.
  • Fixed generation of the LanguageSystems tag.
  • Fixed calculation of dlig feature.
  • Fixed problem with empty kerning kern feature.
  • Improved kerning feature generator.
  • Fixed languages in Feature popup.
  • Try to keep feature order for non automatic features on updating.
  • Prevent duplicate substitutions.
  • Updated pres feature on export. This gives better results for MM fonts.
  • Fixed import of underline position.
  • Fixed export of ssXX names with very short names.
Glyph Data and Glyph Handling
  • Allow glyph ranges in 'Generate Glyphs' command (uni1234:uni1238 or ⿈:⿕ or �':Ω).
  • The 'Generate Glyphs' command only add glyphs that are not in the font yet.
  • Added copy/paste in Generate Missing Glyphs popup.
  • Automatically set new glyphs to not export if name starts with '_'.
  • Better preserve names for generated glyphs if nice names are disabled.
  • Reworked the glyphData that supports more alternative naming schemes.
  • Allow multiple selections in Glyph Info window.
  • Added option to search for the character in Glyph Info window
  • Fixed some overlapping alternative names in Glyph Data.
  • Fixed loading of legacy names from custom Glyph Data.
  • Improved anchor and accent definition in Glyph Data.
  • Improvements to polytonic Greek glyph data.
Internals and Troubleshooting
  • Fixed reading of SVG code.
  • Change the lastChange value in the .glyphs file to always store in GMT.
  • Prevent empty export path.
  • Improved error reporting on export to OTF.
  • Added new Filter 'Rounded Font', esp. for CJK.
  • Fixed and improved precision of Offset Paths filter.
  • Added reconnect Nodes command to the menu.
  • Improved handling of .narrow (or .i) accents for i-glyphs.
  • Use the destination path also in the generateFont.command.
  • Added Plugin Manager to preferences. It will tell alert if new versions of installed plugins are available.
  • Many performance improvements
  • Fixed precision of floating point coordinates.
  • Split the Layer menu in a Glyph and a Path menu.
  • Updated localizations.
  • A lot of small fixes and improvements.


OS X 10.9.5 or later


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