Glyphs 1.3.17 – Dependable and intuitive font editor.

Glyphs 1.3.17
Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new fonts, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

Main Features:
Edit text in context of words
Only necessary interface elements
Good integration in the operating system and connection to the design workflow
Plugin interface for extending the functionality
Scripting support

What’s New

Version 1.3.17:

  • Support for importing .ttc files.
  • updated the italian translation. (thanks jan)
  • Find Glyphs and Select Component panels have preview now.
  • Fix a crash after closing a tab
  • Fix a crash on export to .otf
  • The tools with different modes show a small triangle and you can toggle with shift + the trigger.
  • Improve the quality of exported .ttf files.
  • The grid can be subdivided now. (font info > Other settings)
  • Improved the rendering of the grid.
  • Drag reordering of custom parameters of the font.
  • If you have a accent with a ".narrow" or ".i" the automatic components builder will those for i and j glyphs (idieresis ...). (#0000126)
  • Feature generator will add code for Dutch ligature iacute_j.loclNLD.
  • Improve the sorting the of accents. (thanks Rob)
  • Fixed some issues with transformation on the background and in copied layers.
  • Make content of glyph.lib from .ufo files available in the robofab scripts.
  • The overlap of components is shown by overlapped drawing. (thanks Rob)
  • Some performance improvements on saving files.
  • Fixed two crashes and some other bugs.


Intel, 64-bit processor, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later


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