Gifox 1.5.0 – Record your screen as an animated GIF.

Gifox  1.5.0

Gifox is a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted app that records your screen into animated GIF’s — the great compromise between static images and full-size videos. It’s your best companion for:

  • Micro-screencasts and product demos
  • Animated instructions and bug reporting
  • Selective on-screen video capturing

What’s New

Version 1.5.0:

  • Most importantly… New! Red! Record! Button! Just like it should have been from the start!
  • New selection aspect ratio control can automatically restore previous selection when selector gets open in area mode.
  • Existing selection is preserved when switching from window to area mode.
  • New shortcuts for moving and resizing selection, stopping recording and more! Check them out and adjust in preferences.
  • Smoother and more stable selection experience with better anchor points and cursor handling. See if you feel the difference!
  • Selection toolset is now available for window selection mode too! Yes!
  • Smarter toolset alignment when it gets too close to screen edges or crosses them.
  • Handsome app is already running message will appear when opening multiple Gifox instances.
  • Improved preferences layout and animations.
  • Selection origin displayed upside down y-coordinate.
  • Extreme CPU usage when cancelling recording with all frame palette compression.
  • Recorded GIFs appear badly garbled when using downscaling with palette for every frame compression.
  • Marching ants selection is now correctly displayed across multiple screens.
  • Crash when viewing quick help in selection toolset and preferences in OS X El Capitan.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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