Framer 70 – Pioneer new patterns and groundbreaking designs.

Framer 70

Framer is a design tool that uses code to make anything possible. Pioneer new patterns and groundbreaking designs. Find the best solution, not just the expected one.

Set Your Creativity Loose
  • Framer does a lot more than transitions or quick animations. Design using real data. Build real interfaces with customizable components. Test and validate all of your creative concepts.
Framer Fits Your Design Process
  • Import graphics directly from Sketch or Photoshop. Need to change something? Simply re-import. And when you’re done, gather feedback by sharing your work on a mobile device.

What’s New

Version 70:

  • Detachable canvas for dual-screen prototyping.
  • Device Launcher for a quick start.
  • Apple Macbook Pro Device.
  • Apple Macbook Air Device.
  • Apple Macbook Device.
  • Apple iMac Device.
  • Dell XPS Device.
  • Sony TV Device.
  • Welcome window experience with community search.
  • Welcome window examples.
  • Device menu organization.
  • Allow hints color to be set.
  • Touch emulation disabled on desktop devices.
  • Custom cursor bugs in edit mode.
  • Zooming on custom devices.
  • Imported Sketch filenames with special characters.
  • Layer Panel scrolling issues.
  • Copied layer names in Layer Panel.
  • Insert Menu not working after first import.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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