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Flume Pro 2.7 – Desktop view of Instagram.

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Flume Pro 2.7

Flume brings the world of Instagram to your desktop with gorgeous edge-to-edge photography, direct messaging, upload support and much more.

  • Upload photos and videos direct to Instagram, with support for original or square formats, tagged locations and captions.
  • Start conversations with other users, create groups and share your favourite photos or videos together.
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple Instagram accounts.
  • A beautiful design that focuses your attention on the photos and videos.
  • View, like, comment, follow and share all day long.
  • View photos and videos in their original aspect ratio and at full resolution.
  • Immerse yourself deeper, and enlarge photos and videos via QuickLook support.
  • View popular content based on users you are following as well as your current location.
  • See the latest activity (new likes, comments and friends that join Instagram) and respond to the latest notifications (new follower requests).
  • Swipe with your trackpad or Magic Mouse and skim through your feed.
  • Search for users, hashtags, locations and save them for quick access.
  • View photos and videos tagged at a location, with a hashtag, or with other users.
  • Read comments and captions written in a language you don’t understand, with translation support.


Version 2.7:

  • NEW: Carousel (multi-post) uploads! Additions to the Touch Bar, drafts, as well as opening multiple files/folders to support carousel posts.
  • NEW: Saved collections! You can long-click the save button to quickly save posts to a new or existing saved collection, as well as via the Touch Bar.
  • NEW: Two-factor authentication settings. Enable/disable two-factor authentication and retrieve backup codes.
  • NEW: Archived posts.
  • NEW: A new "PRO" macOS Menu Bar item with quick access to Flume Pro licence features.
  • NEW: Login via email and phone number is now supported.
  • NEW: New comment activity now includes an actions menu, for quick access to reply/delete/report new comments.
  • NEW: The top likers on posts are displayed when using "All" for the "Media Details" preference setting.
  • NEW: A "Copy to Clipboard" option added to the Share menus.
  • NEW: Added a subscribe to mailing-list option.
  • FIXED: In-progress video exporting, video compressing, and uploads, can now be cancelled.
  • FIXED: Video upload reliability improved.
  • FIXED: Multiple edit and share windows can be opened at the same time.
  • FIXED: Reliability improvements to automatic background refreshes.
  • FIXED: A crash that could occur during mouse swipe gestures.
  • FIXED: An issue that could cause profiles to hide or quickly refresh content.
  • FIXED: Improved the speed of opening and closing Large Preview windows.
  • FIXED: The search indicator and icon didn't always reflect the search status when searching for locations to tag.
  • FIXED: The image cropping window would not fit on low resolution displays.
  • FIXED: The Flume Pro preferences panel now displays the licence code button outside of the actions menu.
  • FIXED: An issue with an incorrect user tagging window size on uploads.
  • FIXED: The photo cropping tool can now crop freely and not just 1:1 (holding shift while resizing will a force 1:1 aspect ratio cropping region).
  • FIXED: The upload window title will display draft filenames if opened.
  • FIXED: Cmd+S and File > Save Draft… support for uploads.
  • FIXED: An issue with dimmed feed items when using Page Up/Down keys.
  • FIXED: Support for carousel items that have multiple captions (ads).
  • FIXED: Movie playback issue when moving quickly between feed and detail views.
  • FIXED: Don't show the follow button for posts when all media details are display.
  • FIXED: "Media" is now referred to as "Post/s".
  • FIXED: User tags on carousel posts correctly updated.
  • FIXED: Slide animations when navigating carousel posts improved.
  • FIXED: An issue that could make the "Username" text-field not clickable.
  • FIXED: The typing speed in the upload / edit windows is improved.
  • FIXED: Messages that contain newlines no longer display "\n".
  • FIXED: Messages that contain links correctly include and display link previews.
  • FIXED: An issue with cropping videos.
  • FIXED: An issue that could cause video previews in upload windows to continue playing with no ability to stop/pause.
  • FIXED: Multiple issues related to reliability of non-realtime messaging in Instagram Direct.
  • FIXED: Updated placeholders and empty content styles.
  • FIXED: Empty upload windows are re-used, when dragging files onto Flume's Dock icon or using the Open command.
  • FIXED: A memory-leak related to pop-up "sheets".
  • FIXED: Carousel posts now indicate the current "page" briefly.
  • FIXED: An issue with detecting certain email addresses as clickable links.
  • FIXED: Corrupt/invalid Flume draft files will now display errors.
  • FIXED: Improved filter chooser for Touch Bar.
  • FIXED: Improvements to location searching display when no results are found.
  • FIXED: Display and handle errors when temporary blocked by Instagram for performing too many actions too quickly.
  • FIXED: Upload caches are removed on launch/quit.
  • FIXED: The App Store Licence Migrator Tool will no longer create a backup of Flume on the desktop.
  • FIXED: Purchasing a Flume Pro licence will now open the default browser instead of the in-app window.
  • FIXED: A potential fix for rare crashes related to text input.
  • FIXED: Reduced the scrolling threshold to trigger a "pull-down-to-refresh".
  • FIXED: New version notifications won't appear the next launch after you reset Flume.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor