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Flinto 1.4 – Comprehensive prototyping.

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Flinto 1.4

Flinto is a comprehensive app prototyping tool that allows you to create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. We’ve carefully designed Flinto to minimize complexity. There’s no programming or timelines. It’s the prototyping tool designers have been waiting for.


Version 1.4:

  • New Gesture Types - We've introduced two new gesture pairs: mouse over + mouse out and touch down + touch up. These will allow you to easily create hover and active states on buttons and menus.
  • Scroll Wheel Support - We've added the ability to use your mouse's scroll wheel inside of scroll groups, great for testing desktop and web prototypes.
  • Expand Screens - Expand screen frames to more easily view overflowing content. No more hidden details.
  • Lock Proportions - No more distorting layers by mistake with this addition. Restrict the resizing of a layer to maintain the original proportions.
  • Interruptible Transitions - For incredibly responsive transitions, we've now made it so that you can interrupt transitions of back links and they will smoothly stop and reverse the direction. It's subtle but pretty cool.
  • New Demo Prototype - We've added a fun new demo prototype.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor