Flexiglass 1.5.1 – Window manager.

Flexiglass enables some of the missing features in Mac OS X window management and offers an extremely convenient way to move, resize, maximize, and close windows on a Mac with a mouse, trackpad and keyboard.

Move & Resize

  • Usually, when you want to move or resize a window on a Mac you are limited by its title bar or lower-right corner. Flexiglass enables more comfortable window management. To quickly move or resize the active window just place the mouse cursor over it, press definable key and start dragging windows with left or right mouse button.

Quick Layouts

  • If you used to work with more than one window at a time Flexiglass will help you to arrange windows on your screen any way you like. Just move a window to the right, left or top, and it will automatically resize and move itself to fill the half of the screen or full screen.

Quick Layout Shortcuts

  • User-defined shortcuts allow users to move windows to the right, left, top and bottom halves of the screen or to maximize them to full screen and back to original size.

Multitouch Trackpad & Mouse

  • You can use finger gestures on your macbook trackpad or Magic trackpad to move and resize. Flexiglass is able to save different settings for a trackpad and a mouse and automatically change them when you plug or unplug devices.

Double-click to Zoom

  • Double-click on window title bar is the easiest way to expand it to full screen.

Real Zoom & Real Close

  • You can change the default behavior of standard Mac OS X buttons. Right-click on the green Zoom button will maximize a window to full screen. Right-click on Close window button will quit the whole application.


Version 1.5.1:

  • Fixed crash with Multi-Touch trackpad on Snow Leopard
  • Quick Layouts logic improved – 3 options to Quick Layout are now possible: zones, hotkeys and menu in menubar
  • Applying the same Quick Layout to already mounted window toggles window position and size restore
  • Applying different Quick Layout to already mounted window applies this Quick Layout, instead of restoring size
  • Quick Layout animation no longer flickers
  • Better handling of mouse cursor position during restore of window size and position

Paste in Terminal:
defaults write com.nulana.flexiglassWild emailString -string “Special [K]”
defaults write com.nulana.flexiglassWild serialString -string “SHARE-THE-WEALTH-OR-DIE-LIKE-A-BITCH”
defaults write com.nulana.flexiglassWild serialChecksum -string “a34f217”
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