Findings 2.0.3 – Lab notebook app for scientists.

Findings 2.0.3

Findings is a notebook app for scientists. When running experiments in a lab, it is crucial to keep track of what one is doing, to be able to later reproduce the results, assemble and publish them. This is what lab notebooks are for. For as long as science has existed, lab notebooks have been made of paper. There is something great about paper, and the freedom and flexibility it affords. But in 2014, paper starts to show its limits in other areas where computers have taken over: storing results, analyzing data, searching, replicating, sharing, preserving, and more. Findings ambition is simple: make your computer a better tool than paper to run experiments and keep lab records.

What’s New

Version 2.0.3:

  • Better layout and user interface for placeholder attachments. Placeholder attachments can be inserted in protocols, to have an empty, clickable box for future insertion of an attachment.
  • More consistent user interface for the registration workflow.
  • Deleting the entire line for an attachment paragraph only clears the legend text, without deleting the whole paragraph.
  • Insertion of text happening in the wrong place when pasting multiple paragraphs.
  • Correct handling of new lines when pasting multiple paragraphs.
  • Do not delete the content of the current paragraph when inserting a day header.
  • Avoids inserting an empty line at the beginning of a protocol insertion.
  • Properly refresh the day indicator for newly inserted protocols.
  • Properly restore indentation level when undoing deletion of bullet or number list.
  • Correctly highlights the style indicator when selecting multiple lines (bold, italic, etc).
  • Properly inactivate the buttons in the filter bar when hidden.
  • All menu items were disabled in the calendar range popup in the journal view.
  • Issue with license code sometimes not taken into account to disable the inclusion of a link to the Findings website in the preferences.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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