Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7 + Motion 5.0.6 + Compressor 4.0.6 + mlooks-1,2

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7 + Motion 5.0.6 + Compressor 4.0.6 + mlooks-1,2

The new Final Cut Studio over a hundred new features and innovative technologies for film production, enabling you to work faster, collaborate more efficiently and achieve superior results.
Extras. Information:
Supports MXF
-Support for RED Camera
Dual-screen editing
-Multi-channel audio editing
-More flexible Osprey
-Simplified Share
-Improved import module
-Quickly create a snapshot
-Improved composite clips
-Selective copying attributes
-Fixed start and end points
-XML 1.2, the import and export of metadata
-Flexible connections clips
-Drop shadow effect
-Restored Offset slider to effect Letterbox
-Fixed a bug where some of the transition would be wrong to use a black, not a source of information
-Fixed a bug when creating a single-layer DVD
-Fixed application hangs when rendering in the background, due to the application of certain side effects
-Fixed bug with incorrect display of colors when using a third-party conversion
-Added an option to edit MXF files during capture
-Fixed a bug with the template processing Motion, containing unit images (Image Units)
-Fixed a bug with the display settings button Modify RED RAW in synchronized and multiple videos
-Fixed bug with downloading files larger than 1 GB Personal Video Vimeo
-Fixed a bug where the wrong frame size is used in conjunction with filters for two adjacent clips with different aspect ratios
Motion Update improves stability and performance, including:
– Improved overall performance and stability;
– Improved loading time projects;
– Performance improved text editing in the Canvas;
– Fixed problems Fill Opaque (Opacity) for converting images to Drop Zones;
– Fixed a problem with stability, which occurs when you delete all characters using the tool Transform Glyph;
– Fixed pixel display aspect ratio videos in Anamorphic;
– Improved speed of saving the current frame (Save Current Frame);
– Fixed a problem with stability in control setup blur effect in the Project Properties Inspector;
– Fixed a problem with stability when the media during Motion in the background.
Who has a problem with the lack of knowledge of the Chinese language, go into the settings of their tongue and put poppy English to second
examples mlooks :

Compressor 4.0.6 update improves overall stability and performance, including:

– Added functionality and enhanced overall performance;
– The opportunity to run a Compressor assembly coding on Mac without a monitor;
– Fixed problem with exporting, which took place at the entrance in as Open Directory;
– Improved performance when encoding mp4 files and AVI.


Year: 2012
Version: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7, Motion 5.0.6, Compressor 4.0.6
Developer: Apple Inc.
System requirements: Version of OS X: 10.6.8 or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 2Gb
Video Memory: 256
Language: English only
License: Freeware

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