Feeder 3.5 – Create, edit, and publish RSS feeds.

Feeder 3.5

Feeder is a full-featured application for creating, editing, and publishing RSS and iTunes podcast feeds. Features include quick and easy feed editing with auto-complete, templates, HTML tags, Markdown, an HTML preview and more. For podcasters there is drag-and-drop episode creation, automatic tagging of audio and video files with artwork, and an iTunes Store preview. Feeder can publish feed, images, and media files with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3, post to a blog when publishing, and announce new content on Twitter and Facebook once everything is online.

New in Feeder 3
  • Refreshed Design with new icons, preview and editing windows.
  • Thumbnails and preview lines in the list.
  • Integrated feed and settings views so the sidebar can be hidden.
  • Share libraries with cloud services such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.
  • iTunes Podcasting updated for larger artwork and links in the iTunes summary.
  • Markdown editing, converted to html in the feed.
  • Autosave for edited items with windows restored on relaunch.
  • Self-contained feeds with the content and settings for sharing with others.
  • Search and replace all links in a feed.
  • Many other new features and improvements.

What’s New

Version 3.5:

Apple Podcasts for iOS 11
  • In Feeder, iTunes Podcasting now renamed Apple Podcasts
  • Podcast feeds are now shown with a podcast icon in the sidebar
  • In the editor, iTunes fields are now prefixed "Episode"
  • Edit the Episode Note along with the RSS Description or episode Summary using the switcher above the text view at the bottom of the window; use the HTML button to insert allowable HTML in this field
  • The preview now shows the Episode Title instead of the RSS Title, if present
  • The preview now shows the Episode Note, if present, or the episode Summary, if present, before falling back to the RSS Description
Podcast Seasons
  • In the Feed tab, select Apple Podcasts to choose a type for the podcast: Episodic (default) or Serial
  • Serial podcasts are shown in a new portrait-style view that includes season headers, and shows the episode number, title, date, and episode summary
  • Added an Episode Title field to the editor, which will appear if the podcast is a serial; note that only Apple Podcasts is guaranteed to use this, so you should still fill out the regular RSS Title for other podcasting apps and sites
  • Added an Episode Type / Season / Episode field to the editor, which will appear if the podcast is a serial
  • When creating a new episode for a serial podcast, the season and episode will be filled out automatically
Share Extension
  • Name is now shown as "Feeder" not "Add to Feeder"
Amazon S3 Publishing
  • Added a "Generate Secure URLs" option to Amazon S3 servers, so that automatically generated URLs will use https not http; this will be ignored if using a Custom URL
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating an S3 server could lost its Custom URL
  • Fixed an issue remains feeds in the sidebar
  • Updated Facebook support
  • Updated FTP software
  • The iTunes Store preview for podcasts has been removed


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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