Espresso 2.1.1 – Powerful HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript development tool.

Espresso 2.1.1Espresso is the ultimate pick-me-up for Web professionals in search of a better development environment. Streamline your workflow with powerful Web design and development tools, perfectly suited for projects of any scale.

Smooth and simple navigation. Espresso’s unique Navigator outlines the hierarchical structure of your documents and even offers drag-and-drop reorganization options. No matter how complex your code is, Espresso lets you manage it with ease.

Tame your code. Espresso is packed with programmer-centric features, from syntax highlighting to code folding, auto-completion, and more. Whatever language you are writing, Espresso has the intuition and adaptability to help you every step of the way.

Master web design. By incorporating the award-winning CSSEdit, Espresso excels at helping you tweak the stylistic details of your site. Perfect your design with beginner-friendly CSS controls, or take advantage of live previewing options to test-drive new visual elements before adding them to your site.

Smart snippets, faster coding. Every programmer relies on frequently used bits of code. Espresso’s Snippets tool gives you plenty of reusability options, including selection placeholders, mirror transformations, and tab triggers.

What’s New

Version 2.1.1:

  • Corrects an instability introduced in version 2.1.
Publish and Sync
  • Cloud Attack allows you to control the number of parallel connections per server
  • Server Browse opens selected files in the Workspace when you press Command-DownArrow
  • Server Sync lets you change multiple actions at once by clicking the action column, by right-clicking or by pressing return
  • Server Sync presents the reason for an action's failure when you click the error icon
  • Server Sync and Quick Publish ask about untrusted certificates instead of failing silently
  • Much improved connection verification with transparent auto-reconnecting, preventing incorrect errors and "instant timeouts"
  • Added settings for active/passive FTP transfers and tweaked FTP behavior for better server compatibility
  • Updated FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3 subsystems, fixing some connectivity issues
  • Quitting Espresso with server activity going on presents a confirmation dialog
Core Editing, Navigator and CSSEdit Styling Tools
  • Un/Comment behaves much more elegantly. "New Comment"-esque behavior on empty lines, better preservation of existing comments, embedded language boundary detection, fixes for CSS groups and PHP blocks.
  • Code Folding auto-unfolds when selecting items in the Navigator, respects multiple selections and stays folded when in/outdenting
  • When you press the tab key, expanding a snippet trigger (if there is one) is prioritized over moving to the next tab stop
  • Move Line Up/Down inserts empty lines when trying to move past the beginning/end of the text
  • Added support for CSS rem units and the "auto" keyword in the positioning tools
  • Improved preservation of "!important" properties in the visual tools
  • Improved how New Group wraps items and improved the behavior when dropping items in a group using the Navigator
  • Improved the CSS output for vendor-specific linear and radial gradients
  • Improved the display of CSS rules where the text or background is too light or dark to be readable
  • Files for which Espresso can't auto-detect the encoding can now be opened anyway
  • Fixed an error that could occur when entering non-ASCII characters (e.g., Hiragana) using marked text input
  • Fixed an issue where completion snippets wouldn't be generated when completing at the very end of a document
  • Fixed an issue where Windows linebreaks wouldn't be matched by "$" in regular expression searches
  • Fixed issues with tab stop behavior in nested snippets and CodeSense completion snippets
  • Fixed an issue where line wrapping would behave strangely after a "$" character
  • Fixed an issue where documents would save their selection state even though the associated changes weren't saved
  • Fixed an issue where the text would jump around when selecting via the line number strip
  • Fixed an issue where Close Tag would add incorrect extra tags at the end of the document
  • Fixed an issue where Close Tag would close the tag after the selection instead of the tag surrounding it
  • Fixed an issue where the text insertion point would jump to a wrong location when resizing the window
  • Fixed an issue where actions using a keyboard shortcut without modifier keys (like a simple letter) wouldn't work
  • Fixed an issue where custom user-defined keyboard shortcuts wouldn't be accepted initially
  • Fixed an issue where the color picker didn't close when the color field lost focus
  • Fixed an issue where the position tool didn't support "auto" correctly
Project Files, Workspace, and Tabs
  • Move to Trash now uses Command-Option-Delete as its keyboard shortcut; Command-Delete only works when the file list is focused
  • Dragging files to the Trash now... moves them to the Trash
  • Duplicate selects the copy of the file you just duplicated
  • Quick Filter sports improved keyboard navigation, including the shortcut that now toggles it open and closed
  • Improved context menu behavior for Workspace tabs: right-clicking no longer selects them
  • Show in Finder now works directly for Workspace tabs
  • Fixed an issue where Git checkouts and similar massive file activity would result in abnormally high CPU usage
  • Fixed an issue where the change indicator didn't update when when both an alias and its original were visible
  • Fixed an issue where Find in Project listed aliased files twice
  • Fixed an issue where "Show in Project Files" didn't work when search results were being listed
  • Fixed an issue where collapsed folders expanded again when saving while search results were being listed
  • Fixed an issue where folders with identical names couldn't be replaced
  • Fixed an issue where files started showing the wrong contents after duplicating and renaming
Web Preview
  • Command-L focuses the location field when a Web Preview is active
  • Clicking the Preview toolbar button for untitled or remote documents presents a more helpful dialog
  • You can drag out a Web Preview's URL by dragging the icon in the location field
  • You can drop URLs on Espresso in the Dock to open a Web Preview
Languages, Miscellaneous
  • Improved HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown, XML+SVG, PHP, Python, Ruby and Apache plug-ins: optimizations, better syntax support, improvements to actions and embedded languages.
  • Added a "Choose Project Folder" action in the Projects window, to assign a different root folder for your project
  • Fixed an issue where decaf kept blocking the command line, despite the edited file having been closed
  • Fixed an issue where HTML actions would be available in CSS and JavaScript
  • Fixed an issue where badly written syntaxes could lead to odd, unpredictable behavior
  • Fixed an issue where Projects wouldn't update after being renamed
  • Fixed an issue where projects couldn't be renamed to the same name with different capitalization
  • Fixed an issue where .espressostorage files would be copied to the project's parent directory
  • Fixed an issue where third-party plug-ins could corrupt the standard functionality of Espresso
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a HTML file and the associated Web Preview
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting with unsaved changes
  • Better error messages, various other minor fixes and improvements (more than a hundred!)


OS X 10.7.4 or later


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