Episode – Professional media encoding application.

Episode is a powerful cross-platform desktop media encoding application for Mac and Windows. It offers the highest quality and fastest desktop encoding for content repurposing for distribution to Web, DVD, mobile phones and portable devices. Includes: extensive format support in/out including superior quality Flash 8/9 encoding, presets and filters, watch folders, batch processing of 25 jobs and Compressor plug-in.

Format Flexibility

  • Current and emerging video & audio file format support: SD & HD, in and out
  • Import virtually any file format, including broadcast/professional formats
  • Encode to WM9, VC-1, Flash 8/9, H.264, MPEG-1/-2/-4, DV, 3GPP/2, M4A, MOV, QT and much more


  • Fastest encoding speeds available in a desktop encoder

Ultimate Quality

  • Optimized codecs, filters extensive fine-tuning compression capabilities allow you to generate the highest-quality media files
  • Superior Flash 8/9 quality included

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive user interface with powerful preview window
  • Predefined or customized encoding settings for beginners & pros alike
  • Watch folders for automated encoding
  • Batch processing of up to 25 jobs

Scalable: desktop to server solution

  • Upgrade to Episode Pro to get advanced professional formats and increased capacity with unlimited batch processing
  • Upgrade to scalable server-based Episode Engine with ultra-fast job processing for high-volume, time-critical workflows

What’s New


  • Encoding
    • Closed Caption Data. You can now add closed caption data to encoding via external .scc files.
    • Closed Caption Data in H.264. You can now add closed caption data to H.264 files. New Video Rotate Filter. You can now use the Video Rotate filter to rotate video
    • during transcoding.
    • Add CLAP Data to QuickTime Video. You can now add CLAP data when you’re encoding QuickTime files.
  • New Application Features
    • High-Volume / Large Cluster Improvements. Many improvements to Status, history, and priority have been made, providing increased response and stability in high volume/large cluster environments.
    • Deployment Sub-Folder Support. Episode can now recreate sub-folders discovered recursively by monitors during deployment.
    • Priority Levels Increased. Episode now supports 20 levels of task priority. Bandwidth Control in FTP Deployments. When deploying to FTP sites, you can now
    • throttle throughput to better insure FTP delivery success.
  • Improved API Support
    • For customers using the Episode Application Program Interface (API), we’ve improved API performance and added many new features.
  • Fixes
    • Improved Status Pane UI interaction from CLI (OS X and Windows)
    • [PRO] Fixed cache location bug affecting iOS server access (OS X and Windows)
    • [PRO] Fixed issue with disappearing Monitor Jobs after 6.4 update (OS X and Windows)
    • [PRO] Fixed some Status Pane control and display issues (Windows)
    • [PRO] Fixed an Episode Windows 7 6.4 crash affecting some customers (Windows)
    • [PRO] Episode now remembers status column sizing after closing and re-opening app (Windows)
    • [PRO] Fixed IN and OUT points dropping frames after updating to Episode 6.4 (OS X)
    • [PRO] Fixed issue where "Waiting for suitable Job Slot" error would show and jobs would not process (OS X)


OS X 10.7 or later
QuickTime 7 or later


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