Echo 1.1.2 – a powerful HTTP(S) service test tool

Echo 1.1.2
Echo is a powerful HTTP(S) service test tool and a must have for developers of all kinds.
Save valuable time with debugging by sending customised requests to your web server and review the response in multiple formats.

• Different request methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, HEAD and CONNECT.
• Add authentication, HTTP versions and user-agents to your request
• Add an endless number of key-values to your BODY and HEADERS
• On/Off toggle for each key-value for easy debugging
• Read the response the way you want (raw, hex, outline, images,..)
• Organise your requests in projects
• Import and Export functionality for dev teams
• Add descriptions to your requests and projects


Version 1.1.2 • Custom methods now supported
• Stability improvements
• Bugfixes


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