Downcast 1.1.6 – Download, play, and sync your podcasts.


Downcast, the popular iOS podcast app, is now available for OS X! Download, play, and sync** your favorite podcasts with an intuitive interface built specifically for podcasts.

Subscription Features:
  • Search, subscribe to, and download audio and video podcasts
  • Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
  • Download podcasts automatically (including resuming downloads)
  • Browse and download older podcast episodes
  • Auto-update podcast feeds based on schedule
  • Settings for auto-download and episode retention (globally and per-podcast)
  • Import and export podcast feeds via OPML
  • Import supported audio/video media files
  • Support for password-protected feeds
  • Create and edit “smart” playlists
  • View podcast details and episode show notes
  • Rename podcast subscription names
iCloud Syncing:
  • Sync podcast subscriptions, playlists, settings and episode information with other Macs and iOS devices** via iCloud
Playback Features:
  • .5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x and 3x speed playback*
  • Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
  • Stream episodes without downloading

What’s New

Version 1.1.6:

  • Adds support for additional playback speeds: 2.25x, 2.5x, and 2.75x. The full list of supported speeds is 0.5x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 2.75x, and 3x.
Bug Fixes
  • Resolves issue preventing display of any sheet style window (podcast settings, playlist settings, etc) more than once when running Downcast on Mac OS 10.8 or 10.9.
  • Fixes issue preventing continuous play from working when disabled globally and enabled for specific podcasts.
  • Restores the CMD+L shortcut for locking episodes. The "Go to Now Playing Episode" feature is now bound to CMD+SHIFT+L
  • Fixes issues with using keyboard shortcuts on all lists
  • Fixes issue with the play now shortcut in the playlist episodes list (CMD + Shift + S)
  • Fixes accessibility label for podcast and episodes lists as well as the top podcast categories and results tables in the Add UI.
  • Fixes issue with refresh button on status bar on non-retina displays being clipped at the bottom.
  • Fixes issue with pause/resume/retry button on rows in the downloads view
  • The red bar indicating resources were inaccessible has been removed entirely. You can still get to the window for resolving issues with inaccessible resources via the File menu or the context menu for podcasts or episodes.
  • Episode Details view now shows "Yes", "No", or "Partially" next to the "played" label.
  • Fixes several potential crashes


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


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