DockShelf 1.3 – Increase accessibility by creating multiple docks.

DockShelf lets you place unlimited docks around your desktop so you never run out of space again for your commonly used files, folders and applications!

We’ve all seen it and you’ve probably experienced it yourself – a Dock exploding with files and apps which has been shrunk so small you can barely see what anything is anymore.

DockShelf helps you manage the clutter of the Dock by offering another form of “dock shelf” which you can place around any edge of your screen without any restrictions and has more options for customization.

With DockShelf launching your favorite documents and apps is faster and more powerful because you control where your docks are positioned, how many are on screen, how they’re labeled and when they’re visible.

What’s New

Version 1.3:

  • Dock themes can contain an image (set in dock info window) which is shown when docks are tabs.
  • Persistent name tags (enable in preferences). These are useful for docks that contain folders or documents you would need to "scrub" the mouse over to otherwise identify.
  • It's now easier to choose dock colors from the dock info window via a popup menu.
  • Some new dock themes show a color badge (when tab) instead of changing the entire tab color.
  • Better indicator for grouping docks.
  • Holding down the option key (choose modifier key in preferences) disables hiding so you can drag items to docks while hiding is enabled.
  • "Hiding Opacity" preference which lets you set a transparency value for when docks are hidden (moving the mouse over them makes them fully visible).
  • Tag size preference.
  • Themes are drawn with code and updated for Yosemite. The old HTML based system was removed due to complications not worth correcting.
  • Significant performance improvements when idle in background. Older versions could use up to 5% CPU just moving the mouse around even when DockShelf was hidden.
  • Popup windows are replaced with the standard OS X version and include a style option in the preferences (light, dark or system default).
  • The "hide in ..." option now enables hiding so moving the mouse to the screen edge can still be used to show docks.
  • Opening the contextual menu doesn't force a tab to open.
  • Menu items, preferences and other windows contain contextual help tags.
  • Retina support.


OS X 10.8 or later


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