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DMG Canvas 2.4 – Create custom disk images.

Appked/ Utilities/on 2017-06-03 08:48

DMG Canvas 2.4

DMG Canvas helps you manage the content and appearance of disk image files using helpful templates.

Choose your files, create your background image using helpful controls, and click Build. Your disk image will appear in Finder exactly as you designed it.

Disk images, delivered with style

  • Simplified design. With DMG Canvas, creating backgrounds is easy. Just drop in images, add customized text, and you’re done.
  • Maximum compatibility. DMG Canvas creates disk images that work seamlessly on any version of OS X. Say goodbye to compatibility issues.
  • Retina ready. DMG Canvas supports Retina displays on OS X 10.7 or later. Your disk images will be bold and beautiful.


Version 2.4:

  • RTF license agreements are now supported. This means kerning, line spacing, text alignment, etc are all supported.
  • Added and Open in Finder button to the build progress panel for Build & Pause
  • Text background object identifiers can be edited so the command line scripts need not refer to "textObject12" but use an intelligible name
  • Avoids waiting for code signing identities to be found at launch. In some very rare cases it can take minutes to do.
  • Fixed the Ruler icon size in the sidebar..
  • Moves invisible files over to the right a little so their names and icons don't end up slightly off-window causing scrollbar issues when invisible files are shown in Finder.


OS X 10.10 or later