DivX 10.1.1 – Playback DivX media.

DivX 10.1.1DivX introduces the latest codec and enables high quality DivX HEVC video creation and video streaming with existing DivX tools. Based on the newest video compression standard, DivX HEVC strives to deliver up to 50% better compression than its H.264-based predecessor, DivX Plus HD.

DivX 10 is the first software of its kind to integrate support for HEVC video across its products, including Player, Web Player and Converter–providing a free, all-in-one solution for HEVC video.

  • DivX Player delivers real-time, high quality HEVC playback of HM11 encoded video up to 1080p
  • DivX Web Player enables efficient HEVC video streaming featuring progressive playback and download in your browser
  • DivX Converter offers free, simple conversion to DIVX, MKV, MP4 and includes including new DivX HEVC 720p and 1080p video profiles

Free components include:

  • DivX Player
  • DivX Web Player
  • DivX Converter
  • DivX HEVC Plug-in

What’s New

Version 10.1.1:


  • Converter 10.1.1
  • Player 10.1.1
  • Web Player 3.1.1
  • Codec Pack
  • DivX To Go 10.1.1
  • Media Server 10.1.1
  • DivX Installer System 3.1.1
What's New:
  • Player resume video where last left off, or start from beginning
  • Media Server added playback controls for streaming to DLNA Renderer devices
  • Web Player added API for authored Chapter support
  • Converter experimental CLI mode
  • Converter passthrough for AC3 audio tracks
  • Converter error 2 issue for specific MKV, MP4 files
  • Player can open HEVC video in MP4 container
  • Column size in Player’s Library View is saved
  • Player audio and subtitle menu in Icon always says "Track 0"
  • Web Player supports special character in video TitleName such as ‘&’
  • divx.dll video for windows codec no longer requires registration


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later


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