Direct Mail 5.0 – Create and send great looking email campaigns.

Direct Mail 5.0

Direct Mail is an easy-to-use, fully-featured email marketing app purpose-built for OS X. It lets you create and send great looking email campaigns.

Start your newsletter by selecting from a gallery of professionally-designed templates, then customize to your heart’s content. Design Tests let you see how your email looks in a wide variety of email clients, including live mobile previews sent to your iPhone or iPad. You’ll love not having to hassle with a slow, clunky, web-based editor. When you’re ready to send, rely on Direct Mail’s built-in email service to deliver your message in a flash. Campaign reports show you a clear summary of opens, clicks, and more. Grow your mailing list by creating customizable subscribe forms and publish them to your website or Facebook.

What’s New

Version 5.0:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • A helpful "What’s New" window now highlights some of the improvements in each major new release
  • Completely rebuilt message editor allows users to create a wide variety of bespoke designs that look great on mobile, web, and desktop (yes, even Outlook). Highlights include:
    • Point-and-click (or drag-and-drop) to insert single or multi-column sections
    • Fill sections with all types of content blocks: text, images, buttons, video, maps, social sharing, social follow, and more
    • Edit, duplicate, rearrange, and delete sections and blocks with the click of a mouse
    • Choose from professionally curated color schemes and typography options, or design your own
    • Limitless customization is just a click away: adjust colors, borders, alignment, links, spacing, sizes, styles, and more
    • Dynamic sections can show or hide based on whether the message is opened on a mobile device or desktop
    • Enable powerful personalization by showing or hiding sections based on recipient criteria you define
  • Integrated image editor allows users to perform a wide variety of live, non-destructive editing operations without having to leave Direct Mail:
    • Remove Background
    • Crop
    • Rotate
    • Color Adjustment
    • Photo Filter
    • Color Overlay
    • Vignette
    • Blur
    • ...and more
  • An all-new template gallery includes over 50 all-purpose designs ready for customization
  • Redesigned template browser with larger thumbnails
  • An alert is now shown when attempting to remove a project from the cloud
  • Direct Mail now includes a suite of professionally designed and selected web-safe fonts that can be used in your emails
  • The brand new Integrations window provides a centralized place to learn about and connect Direct Mail to hundreds of other apps and websites
  • Recent design tests are now grouped together by message and sorted by date
  • New design tests can now be created using only the email clients the user selects
  • New design tests can now be purchased using email credits
  • The Unlimited Plan now includes free design tests every month; additional tests can be purchased for a nominal fee
  • The design test results window now has improved navigation, faster downloading, smoother scrolling, and support for magnification
  • The design test results window now includes a convenient "re-test" button for testing flagged results
  • The Spam Test window now performs more in-depth checks and provides better suggestions for improving message content
  • Added one-click support for tagging your email campaigns for Google Analytics
  • Greatly improved the speed of downloading updates from the cloud
  • Improved the responsiveness of the user interface when processing updates for the cloud
  • Added ability to customize what an email campaign will look like when it is shared in a social media timeline or feed
  • A new Excel importer eliminates the need to round-trip through CSV files and supports multi-sheet workbooks, as well
  • Autoresponders can now be saved as "drafts", which means that they are not running yet, but can still be integrated into larger automation workflows and started when the entire workflow is ready
  • Existing autoresponders can now be duplicated
  • A helpful, explanatory popover now appears whenever the user selects or moves the insertion point into a mail-merge tag
  • Added support for two-factor authentication for Direct Mail accounts
  • Added support for the Touch Bar on compatible Mac hardware
  • Added support for VoiceOver and other accessibility features
  • Added ability for user to specify custom DKIM signing keys for their domain names
  • Facebook video URLs are now supported when inserting video content
  • The Preview window now remembers its scroll position when updating
  • Added Galaxy S8 screen size to the Preview window
  • New projects now include a helpful Getting Started template
  • Added menu items for the Welcome and What‘s New windows to the Help menu
  • Templates that are created from an existing message or installed from a third-party can now be added directly to the cloud
  • Replaced the "Show in Finder" option with a "Save As…" option for easier sharing of templates
  • Added "Share on LinkedIn" and "Share on Pinterest" to the list of available in-message sharing options
  • Fixed a bug that caused some customers to be incorrectly prompted for App Store payment when ordering a design test
  • The Welcome window now shows all Direct Mail projects saved on your local hard drive as well as projects saved to your Direct Mail cloud account
  • Launch behavior has been changed to no longer create a new, empty project on behalf of the user if an existing project cannot be found
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes or hangs when using the "Simplified Chinese (GB 2312)" text encoding
  • Added menu items for adjusting the baseline of the selected text (default, superscript, subscript)
  • Added menu item for removing all styling from the selected text
  • Standardized the behavior of editing the text of existing links so that it matches the behavior of other macOS applications (e.g. TextEdit, Notes, etc.)
  • Users are now warned if the message they are attempting to edit contains hidden content that can only be edited in Mail Designer
  • Updated and moderized the user interface
  • When creating a new project, the user can now have it automatically moved to the cloud
  • Fixed several bugs related to pasting or dragging image content from outside of Direct Mail into the message editor
  • Several improvements to improve the responsiveness of the user interface in large projects
  • Fixed an issue preventing the FileMaker importer from working on systems with multiple installations of FileMaker
  • Fixed issues related to incorrect highlighting of source list items when switching tabs
  • Added a data integrity alert when trying to open a Direct Mail project saved on a network volume
  • Revamped the template chooser to support larger thumbnails, easier browsing, search, and better organization
  • Some address importers are now restricted and, due to abuse, can only be enabled after talking to our support team
  • Moved Apple Mail-, Mail Designer-, and Stamps-related menu items from the Help menu into the new Integrations window
  • Fixed some keyboard navigation bugs
  • Added a "Rename" options to the contextual menus for messages, groups, reports, and autoresponders
  • Duplicate subscribe form submissions now appear independently, instead of being coalesced into one submission
  • Direct Mail now warns the user before moving a document out of the cloud
  • Fixed several issues related to image rotation, scaling, and EXIF handling
  • Fixed several issues related to contextual menus in the message editor
  • The window that appears when opening a document in the cloud now reports more accurate progress and network throughput numbers
  • Direct Mail now understands more varieties of Vimeo URLs
  • The Reports > Share menu now includes an option to Copy URL
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Apple Mail email account names from being displayed correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing partial downloads from being restarted correctly
  • Added a user-visible preference to control whether the most recently used project is opened when Direct Mail is launched
  • Enabled the use of CONTAINS, LIKE, and MATCHES in conditional mail-merge tags
  • Fixed bug in the calculation of historical campaign performance data for each address
  • Added a Paragraph Direction formatting option
  • Pressing the escape key while editing an address now aborts the edit operation
  • Improved the user interface for toggling the "send to duplicates" option
  • Many other bugs fixes and improvements
  • Direct Mail now requires macOS 10.11 or newer


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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