Desktop Ghost Pro 1.0 – allows you to easily hide and show all files on your messy desktop.

Desktop Ghost Pro 1.0

Desktop Ghost Pro allows you to easily hide and show all files on your messy desktop.

-Instantly hide and show all files on your desktop.
-Optionally run Desktop Ghost Pro as a menubar extra application for easy access.
-Hide/Show your desktop items from the standard window or the menubar.
-Easily set Desktop Ghost Pro to run when you log in to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default).
-Items dragged onto the desktop after a hide operation can be seen (unless you press the hide button again).
-Use Global Hotkeys to show and hide everything on your desktop without using the mouse.

Please note that I cannot respond to customer reviews on the Mac App Store. If you need support, please contact me here: and I’ll be glad to assist.

For your convenience, you can find answers to some support questions below:

1) I opened Desktop Ghost Pro for the first time and it is asking me for permission to access my desktop. Why?

If you downloaded Desktop Ghost Pro from the Mac App Store, this is necessary because Mac applications on the Mac App Store are required to be sandboxed. For the app to be able to access your desktop, you need to give the app explicit permission. Don’t worry, you only have to grant Desktop Ghost Pro access the first time you open the application.

2) When I hide the desktop, does Desktop Ghost Pro actually move my files somewhere else?

No. Desktop Ghost Pro does not ever move your files. The application simply hides your files. And when you want to see the files on your desktop again, the application simply shows them to you.

3) I tried hiding my desktop, but it “doesn’t work.” Why?

If hiding your files doesn’t work for you, please check to ensure you are not using any applications that “Show Hidden files” to you or enable hidden System Preferences.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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