Deskovery 2.2.1 – Save time managing your windows.


Deskovery makes it easy to find the window you want out of all your open windows, just move your mouse to see the full list of all open windows, select one and move it to front in a single click.

Stop wasting time aligning windows, with Deskovery your windows are magnetic. Windows snap neatly to screen edges. Deskovery also lets you resize windows with one click. Click on the zoom button, drag to the preferred size and position, release mouse button, that’s all!


  • Windowshading (minimize to titlebar)
  • Space switcher directly in the Dock
  • Customizable Spaces transition (3D Cube, 3D Flip) on 10.6
  • Compiz-like wobbly windows
  • Transparent windows
  • Size and align windows
  • Magnetic windows with screen edges

What’s New

Version 2.2.1:

  • Support of OSX Yosemite
  • Retina support
  • Maverick zoom button behavior option


OS X 10.6 or later


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