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Default Folder X 4.6.5 – Enhances Open and Save dialogs.

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Default Folder X

Default Folder X attaches a toolbar to the right side of the Open and Save dialogs in any OS X-native application. The toolbar gives you fast access to various folders and commands. You just click on the buttons to go to your favorite and recently used folders, manage the folders and files shown in the list, and make changes to your settings. It also fixes a number of problems in Open and Save dialogs, “rebounding” to the last selected file, putting the path listing back in the top menu, and correcting bugs in scrolling column views.


  • Directory assistant: You can access the contents of your recent, favorite, and open folders right from Default Folder X’s toolbar.
  • Real time saving: If you’re constantly saving things inside the same folder, Default Folder X can remember that folder for you.
  • Finder management: Default Folder X lets you open up or save to any Finder window with a single click.
  • Instant Recall: To help you quickly return to folders you’ve recently used, Default Folder X remembers them for you.
  • Spotlight on the spot: Default Folder X lets you add Spotlight keywords, OpenMeta tags, and Finder labels on the spot, while you’re still in the Save dialog.
  • Information central: With Default Folder X you get previews below every Open dialog, expanded to fill the available space. Need to see more detail? Click on the image and it zooms up to full size.
  • Workflow without work: Rather than make you learn and set up a new application, Default Folder X blends into OS X.


Version 4.6.5:

  • You can now create a copy of a selected file or folder within a file dialog using Default Folder X's new Duplicate command.
  • You can use the Cmd-Shift-C keyboard shortcut to go to "My Computer" in file dialogs.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause OmniOutliner 4 to stall for two minutes when saving files.
  • Default Folder X now ensures that Open dialogs in NetNewsWire begin in the correct folder.
  • To be consistent with the Finder, the Desktop is now accessed within file dialogs using Cmd-Shift-D.
  • A "ReboundInColumnView" option enables Default Folder X’s rebound feature when you’re using column view in Open dialogs. Option-click on the Settings button in the Default Folder X preference pane to change it.
  • When updating itself, Default Folder X will pop the "Install and Relaunch" window to the front after the update finishes downloading.
  • Default Folder X’s Preview and Spotlight windows sometimes appeared in the middle of the screen if the file dialog was large enough to push them off the bottom of the screen. This has been fixed.
  • The first two items in Default Folder X's Favorites menu are now correctly displayed when you access it from the menubar.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an application’s file dialog to crash in unusual circumstances.


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later