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DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.1 – Professional color correction.

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DaVinci Resolve  Studio 14.1

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the color corrector standard in post production since 1984. There are thousands of colorists worldwide who understand the performance, quality and workflow of DaVinci and love it as their trusted partner in creativity. DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, television commercials, documentaries, episodic television production and music videos than any other grading system. Now available for both Mac and Linux, the true quality and power of DaVinci is now affordable for everyone!


Version 14.1:

  • Added support for presets for User Preferences
  • Added ability to simultaneously generate cache files for multiple cache points on a clip
  • Added ability to enable/disable caching of transitions in User Mode in Project Settings
  • Added ability to enable/disable caching of composites in User Mode in Project Settings
  • Added ability to retain the cache when moving clips with speed changes applied
  • Added support for excluding individual tracks from sequence cache in User mode
  • Added support for applying individual color attributes when dragging nodes from the Display Node Graph window
  • Added support for a zoom slider in the Display Node Graph window
  • Added support for accessing both the clip and the timeline node graph for a Still in the Display Node Graph window
  • Addressed an issue where right clicking on a wiped still and selecting apply grade would not work
  • Added an option in the panel settings to switch between classic DaVinci and vectorscope trackball alignment
  • Added support for displaying video scopes on the Edit page
  • Improved title text rendering quality
  • Improved playback and rendering performance on the Radeon Pro WX 9100 GPU
  • Added support for RED IPP2 color processing
  • Added support for decompression and debayer options for Red Rocket cards
  • Added initial Linked Group support for audio tracks
  • Added the ability to drag and drop .drp project files into the Project Manager
  • Added support for a project setting to switch track metering between source and post-fader
  • Added the ability to update the track color of multiple selected tracks on the Fairlight page
  • Surround sound audio channels are now included in the downmix to stereo buses and monitors
  • Added support for a Project Setting to automatically apply convergence to windows and effects in 3D stereoscopic projects
  • Added support for groups in the Color page on collaborative projects
  • Added support for generating and rediscovering optimized media in collaborative projects
  • Added support for viewing audio codec information in the Metadata widget
  • Added support for GoPro CineForm as a caching and optimized media format
  • Added support for higher resolution DNxHR formats for MXF-based Fusion Connect workflows
  • ResolveFX Warper is now GPU accelerated
  • Bus section in the Fairlight page meters is now scrollable
  • Added support for decoding enhanced AC-3 audio on macOS and Windows
  • Improved performance of viewer in Fairlight page
  • Improved behavior and interactivity of timeline and track index in the Fairlight page
  • Added support for 2-D scrolling on the Fairlight page
  • Added support for source audio clips at any sample rate
  • Added support for Dolby Vision trim on compounds clips and Fusion Connect clips
  • Added ability to perform audio only insert to a tape deck
  • Added ability to capture video and audio or video only from a tape deck


OS X 10.11.6 or later, 64-bit processor