Curio 11.4.3 – Brainstorming and project-management app.

Curio 11.4.3

Curio is the premier brainstorming and project-management application designed to promote visual thinking. Using Curio’s innovative freeform interface and tools, you can intuitively gather, associate, and recall your ideas, while easily managing all the notes and documents associated with your project.

The heart of Curio is the idea space. Think of idea spaces as your whiteboard, notebook, and sketchpad all wrapped up into one. Within a Curio project, you can create an unlimited number of idea spaces where you can place anything anywhere on the page. Brainstorm or organize your notes with freeform collages of text, images, URLs, documents, Mail messages, movies, and sounds. Give the idea space a note paper or graph paper style, or perhaps a linen paper texture. This is your idea space, with your notes and ideas. Make it the way you want it to look.

What’s New

Version 11.4.3:

  • Drag and Drop Support from Apple Photos
    • Curio now does a better job handling drag-and-drop of images from Photos.
  • Pasting Local Hyperlinks
    • If you Copy As > Hyperlink and paste into an idea space in the same project as a new link figure then it will now be a relative URL in the project.
  • Add Tab
    • Sierra introduced a tab bar controled via the Mac OS visible via the View > Show Tab Bar. There's a + sign at the end of the tab bar so you can easily add new projects. By default clicking that button will mimic the File > New menu item (thus new from idea space gallery). Hold Option and click for File > New Blank Project, hold Option+Shift for File > New From Project Template. You can customize this via the new Add Tab Option option in Help > Curio Advanced Settings.
Performance Tweaks:
  • When dragging figures over a collection Curio will no longer dim the background as that can cause performance issues with more complex idea spaces.
  • Dragging figures around in general should be much faster as we're now avoiding some unnecessary redraws.
  • Now using a Cocoa-native call to draw tiled idea space backgrounds which is very fast and doesn't exhibit drawing anomalies when when zoomed.
Other Notable Fixes:
  • Starting with Xcode 8 builds on Sierra Apple forces all links (text with the NSLinkAttributeName attribute) to be blue and underlined. However, this messes up Curio's figures where the text color should be based on a figure's style. With Apple overriding the text color you could end up with unreadable text if your figure's fill color was blue! We're now swapping out that attribute on-the-fly before rendering so the correct coloring is maintained.
  • Curio's hyperlink handler will now support curio:// and curio:/// hyperlinks. The latter is technically correct because the first parameter is a path but some apps balk at 3 slashes. So now Curio will handle both.
  • Switching focus between split content views now works correctly via the keyboard shortcut or when clicking directly on figures being edited in either pane. Also added a blue glow to the side of the splitter so you know which pane has focus.
  • When saving stencils the selected figures are stored in correct z-order in case figures overlap each other.
  • Fixed issue where multiple instances of a master stencil on the same idea space were not all getting updated if the master changed.
  • Fixed issue where a master stencil inserted into an idea space via the Insert > Styled Shape or Stencil gallery wasn't associated with the master stencil correctly.
  • Pressing Escape while dragging figures will now abort the drag.
  • Fixed issue where project image popup menu settings weren't available via the inspector shelf, only via the inspector popover.
  • Fixed issues when creating idea graphs with the text tool.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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