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Curio 10.1 – Brainstorming and project management app.

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Curio 10.1

Curio is the premier brainstorming and project-management application designed to promote visual thinking. Using Curio’s innovative freeform interface and tools, you can intuitively gather, associate, and recall your ideas, while easily managing all the notes and documents associated with your project.

The heart of Curio is the idea space. Think of idea spaces as your whiteboard, notebook, and sketchpad all wrapped up into one. Within a Curio project, you can create an unlimited number of idea spaces where you can place anything anywhere on the page. Brainstorm or organize your notes with freeform collages of text, images, URLs, documents, Mail messages, movies, and sounds. Give the idea space a note paper or graph paper style, or perhaps a linen paper texture. This is your idea space, with your notes and ideas. Make it the way you want it to look.


Version 10.1:

  • The media bar appears on the far right side of the inspector bar when you select a movie or audio file for playback on the idea space. In this release, a new actions button (which looks like a gear) has been added to provide new functionality.
  • Previously, the Grab Web Archive feature in Curio (via right-clicking on a web link figure) would grab a .webarchive version of a website. However, for the reasons outlined below, the default is now a paginated PDF instead:
    • PDF's generally render correctly more consistently,
    • PDF's are more cross platform (webarchive files are a Safari thing),
    • PDF's don't have any potential security/sandboxing issues.
  • Dragging in an OPML file now allows you to cancel the operation, taking care of the issue discussed at MacNN. Likewise, a Cancel button now appears in the dialogs when dragging in CSV files or the supported mind mapping file format files.


OS X 10.9 or later