CotEditor 4.0.0 beta 3

CotEditor is an open-sourced, Cocoa-based plain-text editor for macOS. It supports syntax highlighting, has a powerful find-and-replace with the regular expression, and other small goodies for coding. It can handle also CJK languages well.

What’s New

Version 4.0.0 beta 3:

New Features
  • Add new AppleScript/JXA commands smarten quotesstraighten quotes, and smarten dashes for selection object.
  • Add syntax styles for Pascal (Thanks to Beck Christian!) and VHDL.
  • On sorting lines by pattern, evaluate numbers more intelligently when the “treat numbers as numeric value” option is enabled.
  • Avoid discarding the current input when a new item is added while another item is in editing in the syntax style editor.
  • Put only the filename rather than the absolute path for the relative path insertion (<<<RELATIVE-PATH>>>) when the document file itself is dropped into the editor.
  • Optimize the performance of invisible character drawing, especially with very-long unwrapped lines.
  • Update Python syntax style.
  • [beta] Horizontally center the contents of the preferences panes (Thanks to zom-san!).
  • [beta] Update some toolbar icons.
  • [beta][trivial] Update the style of the add/remove buttons.
  • [beta][dev] Update the build environment to Xcode 12.2 beta 3.
  • [beta] Fix an issue in the CotEditor scripting with UNIX scripts that the standard error output was not displayed on the console.
  • [beta] Fix an issue in the CotEditor scripting with UNIX scripts that the output was occasionally not applied.
  • [beta] Fix the multiple replacement panel layout on macOS 10.15.
Known Issues
  • Checkmarks are not applied to the corresponding items in the menus for the collapsed toolbar items.
  • [Big Sur] Syntax highlight for the regular expression disappears when the text field becomes in editing (FB8719584).
  • [Big Sur] Screenshots in the help contents are not updated yet.
  • [Big Sur] Document icons are not updated yet for Big Sur style.


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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