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Cornerstone 3.0.1 – Feature-rich Subversion client.

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Cornerstone 3.0.1

Cornerstone is a robust and user-oriented Mac version control utility built on top of the open source Subversion revision control system that makes working on complex versioning projects as simple as possible.

Moreover, featuring full support for all of Subversion’s rich features, Cornerstone is both extraordinarily powerful and super-easy to use at the same time.

Simple and fast software versioning workflow
Whether you are new to versioning or a Subversion pundit, the Cornerstone solution will lend a hand to streamline your workflow and make version control more clear.

Cornerstone isn’t just a wrapper for Subversion’s command-line tools, but, instead, it has been designed from the ground up as an all-inclusive version of Subversion, with the core Subversion bundled inside it.

Start working on your project right after installing Cornerstone
This means that you can get started working on your projects as soon as you install it on your Mac, because it will allow you to use the latest version of Subversion without you having to bother about upgrading your installation or installing Subversion from scratch and waste time configuring it to work properly on your machine.

As an added advantage, Cornerstone incorporates both Subversion’s client functionality and its administrative tools. As a result, while using Cornerstone to manage your workload, you will be able to delete and create repositories on your Mac without the need of launching a Terminal and using the command-line.

RSA based SSH authentication
Furthermore, the Cornerstone software is a security and privacy oriented solution that makes it effortless and straightforward to incorporate RSA based key pairs in your SSH authentication scheme.

What’s more, with the help of the built-in logging engine and the simple styled yet useful project timeline, Cornerstone allows you to easily browse your project’s history.

Zero configuration version control system
Cornerstone’s zero configuration requirement is yet another bonus feature designed to make it the go to app for any Subversion fan that wants to work on a revision control project using a Mac.

In conclusion, Cornerstone places Subversion’s powerful and intuitive versioning control system within the reach of mere mortals, via a well-designed and exhaustive user interface.


Version 3.0.1:

  • Timeline layout is incorrect when the system "Show scroll bars" preference is set to "Always".
  • Cornerstone displays an error when running a custom compare script from the compare view.
  • Checking out a working copy from a repository whose URL is not the repository’s root URL results in a new repository being added to the source list.
  • Changing a repository’s URL by adding or removing a directory component results in an "Invalid relocation destination error" if changes are propagated to working copies.
  • Cornerstone displays an error when trying to use DiffMerge as an external compare tool.
  • The working copy and repository browser views are not always sorted correctly when the view is sorted by "Kind".
  • Working copies that are contained within other working copies cannot be added to the source list.


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor