Corel Painter 2015 – Digital art software featuring realistic painting effects.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter helps you create astonishing art in a variety of media.

Paint with vivid oil paints, fluid water colors, and earthy charcoals. Corel Painter flawlessly recreates the tones and textures of each medium.

Your studio awaits

  • Choose your brush. Corel Painter includes hundreds of built-in brushes. You can even create your own brush by fine-tuning bristle type, behavior, and settings.
  • Pick a paper style. Corel Painter lets you tweak your paper texture, effecting the way your brush strokes interact with the grain. More textures, more possibilities.
  • Customize every detail. Tweak the wetness of your paint, or alter the drying time. Corel Painter’s options are as boundless as your artistic imagination.

What’s New

Version 2015:

  • Revolutionary particle brushes
  • Native 64-bit application
  • Real-time stylus support
  • Cross-platform CPU performance optimizations
  • Custom user-interface palette arrangements
  • Jitter smoothing
  • Real-time preview of effects
  • Brush-tracking utility
  • Fresh, new content


OS X 10.7 or later


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