Contexts 3.6.1 – Fast window switcher.

Contexts 3.6.1

Contexts is a radically faster and simpler window switcher. It gives you 4 ways to switch windows:

  1. Switch with one click to any window: An auto-hiding sidebar shows your windows organized in groups. To switch to a window just click its title in the list. It is as simple as that.
  2. Switch with one keystroke to 9 windows and with two keystrokes to any window: This is super fast. Each window gets a window number based on its position in the list. To switch to a window just press Option+window-number. It you are a keyboard person you will love it.
  3. Cycle through recently used windows: Command+Tab switcher fails if your applications have multiple windows. With Option+Tab Contexts lets you cycle through individual windows and switch to any of them directly.
  4. Switch with search to any window: Invoke panel with keyboard shortcut and type a few characters from the application name or window title to filter the list using fuzzy matching. Press enter to bring selected window forward.

What’s New

Version 3.6.1:

  • The Caps Lock key can be used for Fast Search.
  • The search algorithm has been adjusted to give increasing score to consecutive character matches as the number of characters in a query increases. For short queries acronym matches still get the highest score.
  • The highlighting of matched characters has been improved in cases in which there are multiple character sequences in an item which match the query. Sequences of consecutive matched characters have higher priority now than before.
  • The maximum number of characters for Search Shortcuts can be adjusted. The default is 3. This means Contexts will only remember a Search Shortcut if the query has up to 3 (or whatever number you set) characters.
  • Multiple Search Shortcuts for an item are remembered. This is particularly useful in cases when a search query is used to switch to an item for which a different Search Shortcut is preferred.
  • Improvements have been made to the performance and energy usage of Search.
  • Contexts > General > “When switching to an app without windows, perform Dock icon action” is enabled by default.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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