Condense 1.1 – It’s an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application.

Condense 1.1Typing out has come to a end. Say ‚Hello‘ to Condense. Your easy to use optical character recognition (OCR) application.

Imagine one of the following scenarios:

You’re writing an essay for University and you’ve to quote from a PDF, an EBook or one of your professor’s presentations? That’s a huge amount of text to extract… Loading whole PDFs into your OCR software and cutting out the parts you want is oftentimes more time lost than won.

You are watching a tutorial video on the web which contains several lines of programming code. You can’t find a link to the given example anywhere. What do you do? Retype all those lines?

Now you can do better:

Condense is featuring:

A 3-Step Workflow:
1. Press shortcut
2. Drag area around your text
3. Paste text

– Simple, yet powerful design
– Small Archive containing the last batch of 5 scans which enables you to scan multiple quotes at the same time
– Textfield with enabled autocorrection which let’s you spot mistakes easily

Condense does (currently) only work with roman characters and best with the English language. This is the current default implementation. I’m currently working on the German language…


What’s New

Version 1.1

- Fixed unresponsive radiobutton bug that occurred on some systems
- Fixed bug with missing options menu
- Fixed missing Impressum bug
- Fixed Bug with Retina Displays
- Added Retina graphics
- Removed “Disable Interaction Button” which led to confusion
- Removed sounds from buttons (on popular demand)
- Reworked menu and removed unused items


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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